Washington Redskins: Way-too-early draft reactions

Washington Redskins

Morgan Moses could end up being a Week One starter for the Washington Redskins

Before we begin, I have to tell you something.

Grading the draft one day after its completion is dumb.

I’m going to do it anyway, because its fun to be irrational and be giddy/furious over the picks your team made, but really, no one will know who did well in the 2014 draft until at least 2 or 3 years from now. Remember, many publications gave the Seahawks an “F” after their 2012 draft. All they did was take Russell Wilson that year. And the Redskins were given an “A” grade by Pete Prisco after their 2008 draft, in which they traded out of the first round to take Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly and Fred Davis in the second round. All three of those guys are out of the league today.

So yes, the draft is a crapshoot, no one knows anything about anything, and I’m gonna try and analyze the Washington Redskins draft anyway.

It’ll be fun, I promise.

Let’s begin.

Round 2

The Redskins didn’t have a first round selection this year due to the RGIII trade, so we start our review in round two. Washington originally had pick 34, but elected to trade down with Dallas (!!!) to add an extra third round pick. Excellent. When they did finally decide to pick in round two, they took Trent Murphy, an OLB from Stanford. Lots of fans seem outraged by this pick, but I kinda like it, actually. The Redskins need some nasty, and Murphy provides nasty in spades. Was he the most “talented” player still on the board? Probably not (OK, definitely not). But he does provide insurance in case either Brian Orakpo or Ryan Kerrigan walk in the future. GM Bruce Allen said all along that he was drafting with future years in mind. This pick made that fact obvious.

Round 3

The ‘Skins elected to go all O-line in this round, which is good, because their O-line is abysmal, save for stalwart Trent Williams. They took OT Morgan Moses (Virginia) with their first selection, and OG Spencer Long (Nebraska) with their second. I like the Moses pick a lot more than the Long one, but assuming their health is in order, both picks should be able to contribute early on in their careers. Moses might even be the opening day starter at RT, though that has more to do with the incumbent Tyler Polumbus than it does Moses.

Round 4

Remember how the Redskins secondary was really, really terrible last year? Well, their fourth round selection, CB Bashaud Breeland out of Clemson, should help with that. Had he stayed in school for his senior season, some scouts thought he had the talent to be a first round pick. As it stands, the ‘Skins got him the fourth, which is great value. Probably won’t start at any point this year, but could see time at both CB and FS, and will be able to contribute immediately on special teams,which were also laughably bad last year (are you sensing a theme yet?).

Round 5

Ryan Grant, WR, Tulane.

That’s really all I got for this one. He has excellent hands, but is slow and small. Not a good combination if you want to be an NFL receiver. He might be able to contribute in the red zone, but not much else. Oh, except special teams. He can do that, too, I guess.

Round 6

If you aren’t on board with Lache Seastrunk (pronounced “Lake”) being the pick in the sixth round, A.) say his name out loud and try not to smile, and B.) watch his highlight reel (yes, I know, highlight reels aren’t good evaluation tools, but just watch it. Oh, and turn the volume down if you aren’t a fan of foul language).

Seastrunk is the perfect complement to Alfred Morris. He wasn’t asked to catch many passes at Baylor, but he performed well in catching drills at the NFL Scouting Combine. He can be absolutely electric in the NFL if given a chance, and the Redskins appear willing to give it to him.

Round 7

Ted Bolser, TE, Indiana, and Zach Hocker, K, Arkansas

I don’t know. They’re seventh round picks. Bolser does nothing to impress me, and while Hocker has a strong leg (will probably be used on kickoffs), he probably could have been signed as a UDFA. Strange picks.


Moses, Breeland and Seastrunk could all be “steals,” and Murphy, Long and Grant could all be “reaches.” No one will know for a while, though. What I do know is that the Redskins addressed positions that were weak last year and attempted to make them better. That’s all fans can really ask of a team. Despite some questionable choices late, I’ll give Washington a solid B overall.