Chivas USA: Time to put an end to the debacle that is Chivas USA

Due to its growing reputation and respectable aspirations, it’s time for Major League Soccer to distant itself from the disease that is Chivas USA.

Disaster, atrocious and crippling, are a couple of words that describes the Los Angeles based franchise accurately. The Los Angeles Galaxy underwhelming neighbors has done nothing but hurt the league’s growing reputation.

Formerly owned by Mexican business moguls, Jorge Vergara and Angelica Fuentes, the club was purchased by the MLS in February 2014 with plans to sell it to new owners.

The statement released by the league on its website said, “In the coming months, the league will resell the club to a new ownership group that will be committed to building a new stadium and keeping the team in Los Angeles.”

Even though the league is trying it’s best to erase the team’s memory by changing its name and logo for the 2015 season, Commissioner Don Garber has to consider terminating the franchise. In other words, it’s time to award another city a franchise.

There are multiple reasons why this suggestion has been made, one of them been the clubs history of racial discrimination. According to, in 2013, it was reported that Vergara told his employees during a meeting, “If you don’t speak Spanish, you can go work for the Galaxy, unless you speak Chinese, which is not even a language.”

It’s also been reported that the club only values Mexican American players. This claim has been backed by several trades of big name players like Juan Agudelo, James Riley, Danny Califf, Shalrie Joseph, and many more.

The most shocking trade was Agudelo’s trade to New England Revolution in exchange for allocation money. The highly regarded young forward was one of the biggest names in the league and had recorded two goals and one assist from six appearances for Chivas in the 2013 season.

Chivas USA

StubHub Center

Another valuable reason is the club inhabitance of the same city and stadium as the league’s alpha dog; LA Galaxy.

The city of Los Angeles isn’t big enough for two soccer teams. According to, 6,082 spectators were on hand to watch “the goats” last home game, while 20,847 people attended the Galaxy’s last home game.

It’s reasonable to expect the Galaxy to top Chivas in average attendance because of the popularity David Beckham’s acquisition brought the team. And also, having two of the greatest international goal scorers, Landon Donovan and Robbie Keane, on your roster will gain people’s attention.

The ability to capture positive attention is the difference between the two clubs. Chivas continues to make the news for being a racist organization, while the Galaxy continues to buy big name players. Chivas continues to ship into its starting lineup, players who can’t get a minute in the Mexican league, while the Galaxy are breeding future national team stars like Jack McBean and Gyasi Zardes.

And finally, the MLS should terminate the franchise because losing is in its gene. In its first season in the league, Chivas collected an abysmal 18 points from 32 games. Although the club enjoyed success the next four years with players like Sasha Kljestan and Brad Guzan on the team, it returned to its most comfortable spot in the Western Conference table: the bottom.

Since then, there has been no sign of life from the “goats.” The club has been dead last in its conference for the past two seasons, and it’s still occupying that spot 10 weeks into the 2014 MLS season.

It’s time for the league to count its losses. Terminate the black mole that continues to suck its reputation down and award a city like Sacramento or San Antonio a franchise that’ll attract news sets of eyes and increase the leagues popularity around the nation and the world.

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  • Solace

    This article points toward only to out dated information. It’s all going towards the prior ownership group. The argument that the league needs to sell the team because it was mis-managed in the past? They have already made good acquisitions this year and if they can compete for a few years in a row attendance will come back. Also, Garber made it clear he wants an ownership group that will get them their own stadium. Different venues will bring different population bases. I think they will be just fine in LA.

  • Erik Cortez

    This article is stupid saying Los Angeles isn’t big enough for two soccer teams. Chivas attendance was better than many teams in the MLS back in it’s early years. The Galaxy Chivas used to sell out every game they faced each other. In 2006 Chivas averaged 19,840 fans while the Galaxy averaged 20,814. Combined they averaged more than 40,000 per game and that was back when the MLS wasn’t as popular as it is now, pre Beckham era. LA is big enough to support 3 Major League sport teams. Not every fan in LA is a Lakers, Dodger or Kings fan, they have alternatives like the Clippers, Angels and Ducks. What makes the Galaxy any different from the Lakers, Kings and Dodgers? Not everyone wants to root for the Galaxy so Chivas is an alternative. I don’t know if whoever wrote this knows but there’s actually non Latino Chivas fans, many of them would rather root for Chivas than the Galaxy. LA is a big city, people are not all going to root for the same team. It’s like making all of Manchester root for Manchester United, or make all of London root for Chelsea or Mexico City root for America. If the new owner markets the team right it can return to those 2006-09 years, when attendance was better and so was their team on the field.

    “It’s also been reported that the club only values Mexican American players”

    Is it still 2013? Last time I checked Chivas only had like 3 or 4 Mexican American players, the rest of the roster is made out of players from Argentina (4 players), Ecuador (1 player), Honduras (1 player), New Zealand (1 player), Mexico (1 player, Bofo is out) and non Mexican American players. (about 14 players)

    “Even though the league is trying it’s best to erase the team’s memory by changing its name and logo for the 2015 season”

    So the MLS is now like the WWE now? Trying to erase Chivas like they are with Chris Benoit?

    • Shay Awosiyan

      Thank you for your comment. You mentioned the Clippers, Angels, but you have to realize those aren’t soccer teams. Soccer is not that big of a sport in the US, that a city can sustain two teams. The state of California can sustain two teams (Earthquake and Galaxy), but I don’t think Chivas USA can compete with the Galaxy in LA. You mentioned the exciting rivalry between the two teams, but you have to realize that back then Chivas was new and exciting. Since their best players departed, their style of play is painfully boring, the organization’s reputation has been tarnished, and yes this isn’t 2013, but they’ll always be considered a racist club.