Cleveland Cavaliers fire Mike Brown

The sports news coming out of Cleveland this week will not end. This time it is the Cleveland Cavaliers, instead of the Cleveland Browns, making headlines.

The Cavaliers have fired Mike Brown. Earlier today, owner Dan Gilbert announced the release of Brown’s duties as head coach. Gilbert also named David Griffin as the general manager. Griffin had been the acting general manager for the second half of the season.

This is the second time Gilbert has fired Brown since 2010. Brown served as head coach from 2005-10, but was fired after failing to win an NBA championship. He was then rehired prior to the 2013-14 season. After finishing in 10th place and falling short of the playoffs, Brown was fired once again.

This news cannot come as much of a surprise to fans around the NBA. Brown’s job seemed on edge all season after an awful start to season for the Cavs. Although the Cavs did play better towards the end of the year, their 33-49 record was not enough to make the playoffs and ultimately save Brown’s job. Gilbert has been very outspoken for years about his goal of the Cavs being a contender now. So when Brown failed to coach the team into the playoffs, his firing was only a matter of time.

There were also rumors floating around earlier in the year that star point guard Kyrie Irving disliked Brown and did not want to continue to play for him. Irving has dismissed the rumor and I doubt it had anything to with this move. It does spark an interesting point of conversation, though. It seems as though wherever Brown coaches, he battles speculation of being disliked by the star players and then shortly after gets fired.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Mike Brown and LeBron James

When the Cavs fired Brown in 2010, many thought it was because LeBron James wanted Brown gone. Some believed James practically single handily forced Gilbert to fire Brown. Then the Los Angeles Lakers hired Brown. Brown failed to implement his new offense and gain the support of the team’s All-Star roster. This resulted in him being fired only five games into the 2012-13 season. His dismissal from Cleveland today marks, possibly, the third time he failed to gain the support of the team’s top players.

Cleveland will now be on the search for their third head coach since the 2011-12 season. It is unknown whom the Cavs will try to target for the position. They will be competing with the New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers to land one of the top names circulating around the NBA.