K-State Football: A tale of two quarterbacks

kansas state football

In the Wildcats last season, junior Daniel Sams and senior Jake Waters competed every week to claim the quarterback position. At the season’s conclusion, Waters had edged Sams out. If there had been any doubt as to which player had locked-in the spot, Waters’ display in the post-season Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl game against Michigan solidified it.

Waters will continue to perfect and focus on his role as quarterback with Sams now looking to succeed in the wide receiver position. Though Waters will face less competition for his spot, he will have to work hard now more than ever to show he can remain consistent. He will no longer have another rotating quarterback vying for his spot as an excuse  for inconsistencies and poor performance.

Meanwhile, Sams, who has shown an exceptional amount of athleticism in past seasons, should continue to capitalize on his legginess, agility and speed. Despite his quickness, if he doesn’t prove himself capable of catching reliably, he’ll be just another guy sitting on the bench.

Both quarterback and former quarterback will need to step it up in the coming months as they prepare to head back into preseason competition. A notable benefit of the repositioning will be the moves the duo can make on the field together. Sams and Waters spent an entire season learning together and recognize how each executes. This connection could prove useful down the line when Sams is on the receiving end of Waters’ passes.