New York Giants: Grading all 6 draft picks

New York Giants

Commissioner Roger Goodell

The 2014 NFL draft weekend has finally come to an end. I’m sure everyone took this weekend to celebrate the picks and analyze the ones they were not too sure of. This year’s draft was full of surprises and really kept everyone watching on their toes. I really enjoyed this draft because if you look at my mock draft, I unfortunately did not predict any of the players the New York Giants chose.

Let’s face it, I’m not a mock draft expert but it was a trip to give it a try and watch the draft unfold. As I was watching I thought for many of the teams that the draft was going to go a different way but round after round the commissioner shocked me.

Today I’m going to be breaking down the picks and grading the players based on their skills and if they filled a need for the New York Giants. Overall I’m going to give the team the grade of B because I think they have filled many of the holes and chose good quality players that are going to make this season a good one. They drafted wisely and compiled a team that will surely work well together.

Lets start off with Thursday’s number 12 pick, Odell Beckham.

If you were thinking like me then none of you saw this coming. The hype before the draft predicted Zack Martin to be the Giants’ first overall choice. Oh how we were wrong.

The New York Giants went for Beckham, however, I’m not mad about it. Personally, Beckham does it all for me. He’s a wide receiver, which they needed, and has speed that can destroy any team’s secondary.

He also comes with some other bonuses. According to Jerry Reese, “He’s a dynamic receiver, dynamic punt returner and a dynamic kickoff returner.” I think Odell Beckham should receive an A for these game-changing qualities he’s bringing to the Giants.

Round two, pick 43 was Weston Richburg, a center from Colorado Sate.

Richburg is another great pick because he fills another hole in the Giant offense. As we all know the offensive line was last year’s downfall so addressing that early on in the draft was key. Ben McAdoo wants the center to be a main part of his schemes he’ll be creating for the offensive line and Richburg can help him there.

Richburg is 6-3, 298 pounds making him a powerful lineman. He was a top 100 prospect and overall great player. From what I’ve seen from him I’ll give him a B and hopefully we can watch him progress in the NFL and be a major asset to the Giants.

Round three, pick 74 was Jayson Bromley, defensive tackle from Syracuse

The Giants needed to fill out their defense and they did that with Bromley. He is known for putting pressure up the middle and his size will definitely help the line. At 6-foot-3 and 306 pounds, he still has the speed to go after the quarterback. I did not see this pick coming and I’m not sure he was the absolute best, however, I do expect great things from Bromley. I rate this draft pick a B because he can develop into a pass-rusher and be everything the Giants need.

Round four, pick 113: Andre Williams from Boston College

Tom Coughlin used to run a program at BC, so Williams and Coughlin have a history together. The running back rushed over 2,100 yards last season, leading the nation. Williams will strengthen the Giants’ running game and his toughness will be a great addition. He has a natural ability to read blocks and barrels into his opponents. I also rate Williams with a B because he has a habit of slowing down on blocks and may be a hindrance to pass protection.

Round five, pick 152: Nat Berhe from San Diego State

Berhe is a 5-foot-10, 193-pound safety that’s ready to get started with the Giants. He plays what they call the Aztec position at SDSU, which is a combination of safety and linebacker. This kid can do it all and he does so aggressively. He gives the roster depth and is an addition to special teams. It is said that he needs to continue to develop so again I believe he deserves a B.

Round five, pick 174: Devon Kennard, USC

Kennard is a great pick because of his versatility. He can line up as either a linebacker or a defensive end. The Giants needed both these positions, so they did a solid job with Kennard. His experience and instincts set him apart from the rest of the players that were available in the draft and made him desirable. He might not be needed as a starter but the Giants will always keep us guessing. I think Kennard also can be graded a B because he will continue to get better and can be an asset in the long run.

The final pick of the draft goes to Bennett Jackson, a cornerback from Notre Dame.

I’m not sure Jackson was a necessary pick because the Giants seem to be all set at corner. He has a lot of experience with special teams so he should be a huge benefit in that area but it does not seem like he will be a starter anytime soon. He doesn’t have speed so he will definitely be a project for the Giants. The day three picks aren’t always immediate impact guys, but hopefully will get better with time. With that being said I think Jackson is a C grade draft pick.

The Giants have done a solid job so far and a grade of B is fitting. Some of the players they have chosen are ready to start and others are projects the Giants are obviously willing and prepared to take on. I think round one pick, Odell Beckham, and round two pick, Weston Richburg, are most likely going to start and we can see the others blossom with some serious NFL training. The grades are in and now we wait to see what training camp brings. Get excited Giants fans the best is yet to come.