NFL Draft: Three biggest losers

There were teams who made the most out of their picks in this year’s NFL draft and then there are teams who didn’t. I’ll be discussing teams who didn’t make the most out of their picks by either reaching for players or failing to address key team needs.

Indianapolis Colts: D+

The Colts had only five picks in this years draft and could have used those picks to move up higher to get at least one quality player. Their first pick was Jack Mewhort offensive lineman out of Ohio State. He fills a need on the offensive line and could possibly start, but I feel they could have traded their second, third, and their fifth round pick to move up to around 44 and select Cyrus Kouandjio out of Alabama. Even though he has an injury problem he’s a big physical lineman that is a high risk high reward pick. If his injury is not an issue the Colts have a solid tackle opposite of Anthony Castonzo.

Their second pick was Donte Moncrief, a 6-foot-2 wide receiver from Ole Miss. The Colts are already solid at receiver with T.Y. Hilton, Hakeem Nicks coming in free agency, and Reggie Wayne coming back from injury. Wayne is old, but has had plenty of time to recover and will come back and play at a high level. I believe Nicks can play at a top level like he did with the New York Giants if he stays healthy. They should’ve used that pick and some of their later picks to move up and grab a safety due to the loss of Antoine Bethea.

New England Patriots: C

Dominique Easley

Dominique Easley

The Patriots picked up Dominique Easley with their first pick, a defensive tackle out of Florida who is coming off of an ACL injury. He’s a good pick, but I thought he could have been taken in the second round or later because of his injury. Louis Nix to me is a better fit for the Patriots being similar in size and power to their starting tackle Vince Wilfork, and is a top tackle in this year’s draft that fell all the way to the third round.

With their second pick they selected Jimmy Garoppolo out of Eastern Illinois. The Patriots need help up front on their defense that ranked 26th in yards given up and 30th in rushing yards allowed. Garoppolo could be a player they can develop and possibly trade in the future to a team who needs a quarterback, but if they want to win now they could have used that pick to pick up another defensive tackle or possible safety. They could’ve gotten a quarterback in the later rounds like Zack Mettenberger who went in the sixth round and could develop into a good quarterback.

I like their 3 fourth round picks in Bryan Stork, James White, and Cameron Fleming, but all they do is add depth to an offense that is already good.

[NFL Draft: Three biggest winners]

Cleveland Browns C-

USC football

Marqise Lee

The Browns are on this list even though they drafted their quarterback of the future in Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert, who can be a shutdown corner opposite of Joe Haden. They needed to draft a wide receiver due to the possible yearlong ban to Josh Gordon because of a failed drug test for marijuana.

When the Browns learned that he could be banned from the NFL they still didn’t address the issue in drafting a wide receiver. The best receiver left on the board was Marqise Lee in the second round and they could’ve picked him up but they decided to go offensive lineman in Joel Bitonio and didn’t get a receiver at all in the draft. Lee would have given Manziel a go-to receiver to help him out from day one. Because they didn’t draft a receiver to address that situation they get a C-.

  • mikefromglenridgenj

    Patriots will be top a 5 if not top 3 defense in the league. And they will give Brady more possessions and better field position and scoring opportunities that Brady and who ever he wants to throw to will take full advantage of.

  • John

    Wow, who let the special kid near a keyboard? Hiley take a seat, you sir, are a putz.

  • gunners113

    The colts have a 35 year old WR coming off an ACL and Nicks on a one year deal and they have no need for a wideout. Logical Players are not drafted primarily for the upcoming season. Rookies on average make minimal contributions their first year, especially WRs. Players are drafted for 2-3 years from now, when Wayne will be retired or on his last legs and Nicks may not even be a colt. That is why it is generally best to draft the best available player because by the time a draft pick matures your roster is likely to look very different then it does today. Plus, in the immediate, you are assuming wayne has a seamless recovery from his ACL, far from certain for anyone much less a 35 yr old.

    The same applies to you bashing the browns for not drafting a WR this year. Rookie WRs rarely produce much and especially if you are the Browns you are not building for this year. Drafting a WR to remedy a 1yr issue is the opposite of smart drafting.

    Separately, Easley and Nix wouldn’t even play the same position for the Patriots. Though Easley is versatile he will primarily be a DE in their 3-4 defense so comparing the two is completely erroneous. And suggesting that Easley was a reach but Nix – a player who lasted until the 3rd round- wouldn’t have been, is pretty ridiculous.

  • ronrockstar67

    This guy thinks the Colts should have traded away 3 draft picks in order to draft a high risk, injury-prone player? Then, he says that they shouldn’t have drafted a WR, because they have Wayne coming back from a season-ending injury and Nicks will be good, if he stays healthy? The Colts have already had their share of iffy players. I think it was smart to go after healthy players that can play NOW, and not have to worry about their medical history.

  • Spanktaculus

    Thomas Hiley III, as virtually every other poster has mentioned, you have no business writing about NFL football.

    The Colts are draft losers because they didn’t have good draft picks? That’s insightful.

    The Browns and Patriots make up the other two-thirds of the worst drafting in the NFL? Riiight.

    Your comments about the Patriots draft are catastrophically ill-informed and poorly reasoned. Dominique Easley was not going to last more than another 10 picks at most. An ACL injury is simply not that big of an issue anymore thanks to modern medical techniques. But for some reason the Patriots should have taken an overweight DT that already has more serious knee issues…because they already have a better player of similar size and stature? How does that make sense? There’s a reason Nix fell to the 3rd round…because he’s going to be a solid but not spectacular NFL player…if he’s not a total bust.

    Your argument about Garoppolo presumes that Tom Brady will continue to start without injury for at least 4-5 years and that Garoppolo won’t pan out as a good starting QB. The Patriots had a rash of injuries on both sides of the ball last season and that’s the only reason their defense was statistically lackluster. I suspect the defense will “magically” be quite good this year if they can avoid the injury bug.

  • Greg Staller

    Wow. Id find a new major cause u r clueless

  • The Man

    Easley was going to go to the Seahags at the end of the first round. Everyone who paid any attention knows that.

  • Aaron H

    Attention Thomas Hiley III:
    It’s obvious you don’t know squat about professional football. Go back to your junior college and do something useful like waiting on tables.

  • Tuna Fish

    You say the Pats should have drafted in the first round Louis Nix, who actually got drafted in the third round. That makes perfect sense.

  • Badger Fan

    Oh come on now man…An article about the three biggest losers in the NFL Draft and no mention of the Dallas Cryboys….LOL…

  • vinnyjr

    This writer is questioning the best coach in the history of the NFL? I’ll take Coach Bellecheck’s picks long before this knuckleheads.

    • 7yahweh7

      Better than Bill Walsh? I doubt that. Walsh drafted THE BEST QB EVER AND THE BEST WR EVER. Walsh didn’t need a spy to win his 3 SB either. STFU with this BB is the GOAT bullshit!

      • demosthenes

        you need some anger management for that butt hurt you have going on

      • 007

        spy on your azze.

  • Yu Suk

    According to this brainiac, the Colts should have drafted TWO players!! He said they should have traded 3 picks for an injured tackle, and then magically trade more picks to trade up for a safety too! Good one. Did you ever think they took a WR because Nicks is on a 1 year contract and Reggie Wayne is like 35 coming back from a torn ACL. Plus it takes most receivers 2-3 years to truly develop.
    Then Hiley the 3rd turns around and criticizes the Patriots for not taking a fat injured lineman and instead taking a top 10 pick in Easley if he was healthy. The Pats drafted Mallet 74th overall and his contract expires after this season meaning its time to groom a new backup for Brady. And not a turd burger from LSU that has terrible mechanics. Garrapolo is a film junkie with a quick release and threw for over 5000 yards and 50 touchdowns last year!
    The Browns should have gotten a WR somewhere but Bitnio is a beast. Cleveland is still a year away from anything and management knows that. Stick to your draft board and trust that you will be better off in the long run because of it.
    This dude should find something better to do than write about subjects he clearly knows nothing about.

  • altec lansing

    Marqise Lee would have been a great fit in clevlend the best slot receiver in the draft. But what a shame Ndamukong Sue can kick people in the balls shove peoples head into the ground and was just finned Ndamukong Sue has hurt people on purpose and has never been suspended but Josh Gordon smoked a little pot witch is harmless and hurts nobody and is legal in many states and could get banned for 2014 wow thats crazy. So if Aaron Hernandez beats his murder charge he will have a beter chance at playing than someone that smoked some pot? Having to sit and think about this has just put me in a bad mood think i will go smoke some pot now so i can feel better.

    • Mr Feeney

      the pot seems to have affected your grammar and spelling, genius!

      • altec lansing

        It seems Mr Feeney takes the interweb way to serious and is one of these people that are angry because they have no life and there life
        consist of correcting the spelling of comments posted on websites. By
        the way Mr Feeny i miss typed the word fined by typing two n’s common
        mistake genius. And by the way your punctuation is poor and there is no
        such thing as miss typing a capital letter your just not educated enough
        to start your sentences with capital letters. By the way the pot
        comments were sarcasm if you dont understand sarcasm you can google it. And learn something new.

        • grammer police

          1) you’re not your.
          2) you shouldn’t start a sentence with the word and.
          3) capitalize the letter I when it’s by itself.
          4) learn to properly use commas

  • satans helper

    Mewhort and Moncreif are insanely good picks! You should watch games or film. If you move up, and lose picks, and pick a BIG man with injuries? That would get a GM fired. Mewhort can play ANY position. Colts scheme is going to more of a zone-blocking this year, and it will help Trent Richardson who is a zone-blocking scheme runningback. and T.Y. Hilton is 5’9″. Hakeem Nicks is FAR from SOLID (NYC here). Reggie Wayne is on his way out coming back from an injury. Moncrief is gonna burn up the field with a QB like LUCK throwing to him. Moncrief did not have that at Ole’ Miss. These were GREAT PICKS! You’re grade on your favorite team? Man you’re in trouble, but you will be in for a very happy suprise. Another question, did you like the Miami Heat before or after Lebron moved there?

    On the Patriots… Louis Nix is coming of an injury and knee surgery, so if all is equal? Take the better player plus greatest upside, which on film is clearly Easley. Jimmy G. is a quick release QB. Very quick and a solid pick. He can develop and even be traded if need be down the road learning from Brady. He has a Aaron Rogers ability to his playing style. Watch the Bowl game vs Towson. Mettenberger with an ACL injury? non-mobile QB’s seem to be trending downward. You have to remember Patroits pick at the end of rounds so a 2nd round is like a 3rd round. Stork can play Center or Guard. and White can contribute day one. Fleming is a smart pick #1 protect Tom Brady #2 Protect Tom Brady #3 you get the picture. Solder can move to left T in the future. Giving time to groom Fleming and Stork. I really liked Stork when I watched his film. I would’ve replace Alex Mack with him If C-Town had to. and Fleming is a Stanford kid, with some smarts. That is the most important in anything. Intelligence.

    C-Town had the BEST draft of any team. The best rated Shutdown corner in the draft. The most skilled dual threat QB since sliced bread, born on the same day as OTTO GRAHAM 12/6. The kids nickname is “football” for a reason. Gordons situation is not about marijuanna. Joel Bitonio Is the best lineman for the Browns to pick. If you watch. You will see. Kids a monster. and can play anywhere but best at Guard where he is needed. We have plenty of receivers, and Josh Gordon has not even been suspended for charges that have not been disclosed as of yet. Josh Gordon, Travis Benjamin, Andrew Hawkins, Charles Johnson, Miles Austin, Earl Bennett, and Nate Burelson on IR, and with multiple other WR’s competing in training camp. We have 10 picks for next year 2015. Buffalos’ 1st and 4th round (probably a high pick), Baltimores 6th for this years 7th. We drafted Chris Kirksey from Iowa. Pierre Desir from Haiti. Runningbacks behind Ben Tate, Terrance West, and Isaiah Crowell. Connor Shaw as a developmental QB. Do your self a favor and look these players up and watch some film. Just trying to help your career. I wish you the best. If we picked Donte Moncreif would we have got a better rating? That was a joke.

    C-Town CRUSHED the “draft”! Bases loaded, walk of GRANDSLAM! Period.

    Journalism is a noble path. I recommend that you do some research and get some facts before you report. Journalism is about unbiased facts, not opinion without research. I hope in your 4th year, you consider to put in the work to make an effort to improve what most journalism on line is. Goodluck with school and your teams. I still like Lebron, and Richardson I follow them both. Just don’t play C-Town and I’m their fan.

  • pccimino

    Cleveland had one of there best drafts in the past decade. Are you serious they have the best young wide receiver in the NFL you can’t waste a first round pick on another receiver even if he has to sit out one year ,when they got the best quarterback and corner in the draft.New England is one of the best organizations in football year in and year out it may seem to the average Joe that they had a bad draft till these players step in and everyone says that was a great pick or the coach knows how to get he most out of his players.
    IND needed help for luck you don’t trade your whole draft for one player ask Mike Ditka who never got another job after New Orleans or Minnesota who gave Dallas there greatest team ever.Thomas wish you the best of luck but your not ready to rank teams on there not picks.Leave it to the experts that’s why they get paid the big bucks.


    I like sports too and defer to the experts running teams. Your grades and reasoning is suspect and reflect a lack of depth especially about the Browns who have a flyer Benjamin coming back as well as a plethora of WR unsigned free agents.

    Might I suggest switching to another major or get into sales. You look like might have a pleasant personality and the looks to do well. Good luck.

  • Dan Contento

    No receiver the Browns could have drafted from the 2nd round or later would have come close to replacing Josh Gordon’s numbers. Even good receivers take a year or two to develop. The Browns already have several possible replacements, plus have signed several more free agent and undrafted players to choose a replacement from. Surely none of them will replace Gordon, but one or two of these guys is sure to step up and the Browns will be fine offensively.
    Instead, the Browns used this draft to address the major areas that caused them to lose games last year. They chose to fill major needs including plugging the holes on the right side of the offensive line, finding a shutdown corner opposite Joe Haden and finding an inside line-backer who can actually cover a running back or tight end. I give the Browns a B+.