VCU Basketball: Previewing the Ram’s shooting guard position

VCU’s returning shooting guards don’t have to worry about much competition coming in with the new recruiting class. With three forwards and a point guard, the four 2014 recruits look to have their eyes on other positions with the Rams.

With that being said, there wouldn’t be much room for another shooting guard because there are two solid players filling this position already. In addition, there is one player who, if needed, could do the job as well.

Treveon Graham on defense for the Rams (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Treveon Graham on defense for the Rams (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

With previous predictions of Treveon Graham in the guard spot and Melvin Johnson in the shooting guard spot, it’s obvious that they can be interchanged. Depending on the opponent, Graham seems to be the best option to fill the shooting position, but fans can’t deny Johnson’s speed and 3 point shooting seems to fit great as well.

Putting Graham as the starting shooting guard, this 6-6 guard in his senior year will definitely carry VCU to success. Graham averages 15.8 PPG and 22.4 points/40mins. Graham shoots his FG at about 44% and his 3PT at about 34%. When comparing him with Johnson, Graham is a much better overall rebounder. VCU has used their quick pace defensive game, which includes defensive rebounds to win many games. Graham is one of the players who lights up the defensive end of the court. He grabs the ball then scores. Graham can rebound on both sides of the court as he averages 7 REB/Game. Additionally, Graham’s size makes him a tough opponent to come across because he still has the speed and shooting skill to overpower his defenders.

Melvin Johnson celebrates a shot for VCU (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Melvin Johnson celebrates a shot for VCU (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Melvin Johnson, on the other hand, shoots his 3-pointers a little better than Graham does at 40% for both his 3PT and his FGs. Although he lacks a little bit of the height, at 6-3, he still shoots well from behind the arc. Johnson averages less PPG overall than Graham though at 10.4, but he still averages 18.5 points/40mins. Johnson’s speed is what makes him a great shooting guard, not that Graham isn’t quick, but Johnson appears to have just a little but quicker of an edge to him.

When comparing the two player’s steals, they are about the same as Graham grabbed 32 last season and Johnson had 30.

Finally, we come to Jordan Burgess. Although he was used primarily under the basket last season, Burgess does have a history as a shooting guard. Burgess started in 19 games last season, and he was a reliable player on the court. Averaging at only 4.9 PPG, Burgess didn’t get many shots up last season, but if Coach Smart needed him to, he could fill in as a shooting guard.

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