Temple basketball: Previewing the shooting guard position

Unlike the point guard position, Temple has a shooting guard who will definitely start, but there is a player behind him who could very well take over if he struggles.

At the moment, Quenton DeCosey is the guy at shooting guard for Temple. In my opinion, he has the best raw basketball talent on the entire team and he has the potential to be one of the conference’s top players next season.

DeCosey has the length at 6-foot-5 and the ability to score from anywhere on the court. He is usually an above average outside shooter, even though he only shot 41% from the field and 34% from behind the arc last season. That may be due to his bad shot selection.

His stats last year were a bit lower than top players like Dalton Pepper and Will Cummings, but when it comes to pure talent, DeCosey is near the top of the team. There are a lot of little things in his game that he needs to work on, like his shot selection. I’ve seen him time and time again take bad looks at shots when someone else is open. At the same time, I’ve seen him not pull the trigger on some open shots he has (yes, I still remember the WIDE open shot he didn’t take late against La Salle).

He tries to force too many things that aren’t there. I normally wouldn’t say a player with the potential star power that DeCosey has should be less aggressive, but he may need to play a little bit more conservative. He was a sophomore last season, so the youth excuse is now over and if he is going to be Temple’s leader, then he needs to do it now.

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He’ll have the spot solidified until mid-December when Temple’s fall semester ends. If DeCosey is still struggling, he could lose his spot to incoming Clemson transfer Devin Coleman, who is eligible to play as soon at the end of Temple’s fall semester.

Like Jaylen Bond, Coleman is a Philly boy that is coming home to play due to lack of playing time at another school. He was at Clemson for two seasons. Coleman didn’t play much last year except for two games with 25 plus minutes against Coastal Carolina and South Carolina State. He scored double digits in both of those games, and also scored 10 in a game in which he played just eight minutes against UMass.

In the four games Coleman took more than five shots last season, he was 19 for 33 from the field and averaged 13 points per game. This shows that Coleman is a fairly consistent shooter if given the chance to be, something that DeCosey hasn’t shown much of.

A one-two punch from DeCosey who is a bigger, longer, more talented player and Coleman who seems to be a better scorer could really help Temple’s offense.

DeCosey defensively hasn’t been outstanding, as he has shown to sometimes be lazy in the back court, and Coleman didn’t seem to make much of a defensive impact at Clemson. An up in defensive intensity could be a major help to DeCosey’s game.

As far as potential freshmen for next year, Temple only has one offer right now and he is a very popular player. ESPN has him as a four star recruit and the 16th best shooting guard in the class of 2014. He would be a huge asset to the Owls, but it seems unlikely. 247sports reports that he is choosing between Boston College, Rhode Island, and Pittsburgh.

With Terrell being unlikely to be dressing in cherry and white next season, DeCosey needs to step up as the player he can be and lead this team late in games. Early last season, fans believed DeCosey was the player who was going to step up and fill in for the void of Khalif Wyatt leaving, but he never really did that.

All of last season Temple lacked a player that truly wanted the ball at the end of the game. If DeCosey isn’t that guy this year, don’t be surprised to see Coleman step in. DeCosey is big and physical enough to play forward, but the Owls are very deep at forward next season so don’t expect to see much of him there.

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