Washington football: Cyler Miles reinstated

It was announced Wednesday afternoon that Cyler Miles has been reinstated to the Washington football team. Miles had been suspended for the prior three months, a suspension that stemmed from a post Super Bowl altercation near campus February 2. Miles, a native of Centennial, Colo., was not charged with anything due to lack of evidence.

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Damore’ea Stringfellow, a freshman wide receiver from Perris, Cali., was not so fortunate and was charged. He accepted a plea deal that will place him on a work crew for five days in lieu of five days in jail, as well as a $693 fine or 70 hours community service. Stringfellow has also decided to transfer from the program.

It will be interesting to see where he ends up, but I would not be surprised if Stringfellow returned to SoCal to reunite with Steve Sarkisian at some point.

Stringfellow has all the potential to be an NFL receiver one day. Sarkisian is well aware of that and will be doing everything in his power to land the 6-foot-3,229-pound beast that is Stringfellow. Maybe he goes the JUCO route for a year so he can play immediately and keep scouts drooling at the mouth. I just hope for the Huskies’ sake he stays out of the PAC-12.

Now that Miles is back on the team, he is sure to be the front runner for starting quarterback. Last season Miles completed 37 of 61 passes for 418 yards and 4 touchdowns, along with 2 interceptions. He is also the only quarterback on the roster to have a pass attempt in a real game.

Washington football

Cyler Miles looks to take over the quarterback position after returning from suspension.

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Miles, who stands 6-foot-4, 217-pounds, posses similar size and strength to backup Jeff Lindquist, yet has similar speed and elusiveness to other backup, Troy Williams. Miles is the best of both worlds: a tall, strong passer who can see over the offensive lineman and deliver a strike from the pocket. But hes’ also a speedster with the ability to stretch plays out of the pocket and create with his feet.

Miles showed his running ability last season, carrying the ball 23 times for 200 yards, including a 61-yard sprint against Idaho State. He has proven to be a dynamic playmaker with his legs. He doesn’t showcase extreme lateral quickness when running the ball, but is much more committed to trusting his speed and accelerating straight up field. Against undisciplined defenses, Miles will make a habit of tearing off 60-yard runs.

However, I won’t completely count out Lindquist and Williams. Coach Petersen will most likely punish Miles. What that punishment will be, I do not know. It could very well likely include being suspended for a game or two. In that case, Lindquist or Williams could step up and steal the spot away from Miles.

I think this scenario would be unlikely, yet, it has happened before. With Miles back on the team, competition at quarterback will be stiff. Competition always brings the best out of the players who want to be great. Whoever ultimately wins the spot, Washington football fans can be comfortable in the fact that Petersen has some premier talent under center.

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