Troy Tulowitzki: the best Colorado Rockie

Major League Baseball is being Tulowitzki’d. If you’re unfamiliar with this term coined by Benjamin Hochman in his Denver Post article, you better get acquainted. While the Colorado Rockies have a handful of players worthy of accolade and attention this season, Troy Tulowitzki surpasses them all. What he has accomplished in 39 games this season is nothing short of ridiculous. Never mind that he’s clearly been Colorado’s best player so far this season. He’s been baseball’s best player and it’s not even close.

Hitting .391 with 11 home runs, 11 doubles, 33 RBI, and racking up an OPS of 1.247 is just the beginning of every baseball stat guru’s dreams. His strikeouts are down, on pace for just 81 the entire season. If those numbers don’t show he’s baseball finest right now, then maybe his 3.0 WAR will catch your attention. The guy is playing outside his mind. Troy Tulowitzki

Colorado has raced to a 23-19 record and Tulo has led the charge. His play has generated breakouts from Nolan Arenado and Charlie Blackmon. It’s even taken the pressure of Justin Morneau, who has filled Todd Helton’s departure quite nicely thus far. Perhaps the most surprising and impressive aspect of Tulo’s rampage that his performance is endemic. It’s as if the rest of the Rockies have caught what Tulo’s got and the team has exploded.  As a result the Rockies boast the league’s most powerful offense.

Let’s put Tulo’s start into perspective. At this clip, the All-Star shortstop would finish the season batting .391 with 42 homers, 42 doubles, 193 hits, and 127 RBI. Miguel Cabrera numbers. MVP numbers. Historical numbers. While it is unlikely that Tulo can sustain this pace for a whole season, especially with is injury-ridden history, there is no doubt he should be getting more attention than he is. He is unarguably the best player in Major League Baseball, and yet you still hear more about Mike Trout and Yasiel Puig.

As exciting as Troy Tulowitzki’s start is, it’s part of something more exciting. The 2014 Colorado Rockies. Full of talent, unexpected surprises (see Jordan Lyles), with key veterans; the Rockies have something they haven’t had in a while: a winning ball club. Time will tell, as it always does, what will become of the Colorado Rockies. Last season featured a fast and furious start only to watch the Rockies tumble to the bottom of the division. While I’m not about to proclaim this year will be different, there is something in the air. People in Denver feel it. So do the writers.

The season’s a quarter of the way through, and already fans are trying not to  utter the “p” word. One thing is for certain, even if Troy Tulowitzki cools off a little, he’s still putting up mega numbers this season. He’ll be a serious candidate for NL MVP. His numbers just might be good enough to get Colorado into a position where the “p” word isn’t just a dream or forbidden utterance.

Regardless of how 2014 unfolds, anyone who has watched the clinic Troy Tulowitkzi has put on this season won’t soon forget it. And if ever there was a time to get an updated version of Tom Emanski’s baseball drills, it should feature Troy Tulowitzki.