Mexico Soccer: Former gunner Carlos Vela under Arsenal’s scope


Real Sociedad striker Carlos Vela is under the watch-ful eye of former club Arsenal, as it ponders a possible buy back that would see the Mexican international back at the Emirates.

Vela has had an extraordinary 2 years in Spain with Sociedad. Vela has reached a peek that he was never able to reach while in London. The young Mexican striker was held back, kept on the outside, as the club failed to nurture his talent.

The eventual move to Spain was long awaited, as the process of reinvigorating his spirits was greatly needed.

The move to San Sebastian was a success.

Vela has developed confidence, something he lacked when he first arrived in La Liga. And season, after season, Vela continues to guide Sociedad to success, and even helped the basque side return to Champions League play for the first time in almost 8 years.

Vela’s time spent at Arsenal was a nightmare. Sure, Vela had a couple of bright moments here and there, but for the most part was an extremely unproductive time for the young Mexican.

A return to London is not the best option for Vela. To return to a club that caused him so much trouble, and held him back from his true potential is a disaster waiting to happen.

Still, it appears Vela has gone as far as he possibly can go with Sociedad. Sociedad is a fairly competitive club, but it will never surpass teams like Real Madrid, or Barcelona. Vela has paid his dues, and deserves to play for a better club, but Arsenal is definitely not that club.

Vela still has much to offer, and perhaps its best if  Vela moves before he hits a plateua.

Staying in Spain is Vela’s best option, he is better suited for La Liga’s style of play. As one of the leagues best players, its a surprise more teams havent made a giant leap for Vela’s services.