Seattle Seahawks: why Eric Pinkins was their best pick

The Seattle Seahawks made some interesting choices during the NFL Draft that at times seemed confusing, such as the taking of Justin Britt in the second round. With time, though, some of the players the Seahawks selected are looking more and more intriguing. I particularly believe defensive back Eric Pinkins, taken by the Seattle Seahawks in the sixth round of the 2014 NFL Draft, is the best pick the Seahawks made.Seattle Seahawks

On paper, the Legion of Boom looks solidified. Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman both got four year contract extensions, and Kam Chancellor is on a long term deal as well. Byron Maxwell is the fourth lock to anchor the secondary. However, the Seahawks, just like any other team, could use some depth. With the departures of Brandon Browner and Walter Thurmond, drafting a defensive back certainly seems like a smart idea. And from what Pete Carroll himself has said, there’s a lot to like about Eric Pinkins out of San Diego State.

His physical stats are incredible. He’s 6-foot-3, 220 pounds, with 32 inch arms and a 39.5-inch vertical leap. Add to that his 4.44 40-yard dash time and his 25 reps of 225 pounds and you’re looking at a very solid athlete. The height is reminiscent of Browner, and his speed and strength add to his physical nature. The only thing people are saying about this kid is that his adjustment from warrior safety to an NFL corner could be a rocky one. I don’t see any issue arising.

Pinkins is joining the ranks of the best corners and safeties in the NFL, and besides the Seattle Seahawks coaching staff, Pinkins will be mentored by the likes of Sherman, Thomas, and Maxwell. He’s going to be able to learn a lot from them alone, and his athleticism is going to help the adjustment as well.

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And if his athleticism and mentors aren’t enough to be sold on this guy, Seattle’s history of drafting defensive backs is a good one. Remember that Sherman, Maxwell, and Chancellor were all fifth round or later picks. Why can’t Pinkins be another diamond in the rough?

I’m really excited about Eric Pinkins. At warrior safety at San Diego State, he went up against slot receivers in coverage and showed he can tackle. This summer, I would not be surprised to see Pinkins fight for and win a nickel spot in the Legion of Boom. This guy has the build that the Seahawks’ coaches covet in their corners, and those coaches and Pinkins’ mentors in the form of the current Legion of Boom all bode well for Pinkins becoming the steal of┬áthe draft.


  • Ronny from Seattle

    To comment on the article about Kevin Norwood. I believe Richardson is more like Percy Harvin, Where Norwood might be a taller version of Golden Tate. Like Tate he has a great ability to rise above defenders to make catches and carve creative space for himself when plays break down for the quarterback. He also makes the big catch when needed. I was concerned about losing Tate in free agency, but Norwood may turn out to be a good replacement for him.

  • DarkStream

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    • SeaHawksRocks

      God made me the way I am. I get more use out of my starfish than most people. It’s kind of like a two-way street.

  • SeaHawksRocks

    I hope Pinkins makes the cut. Meanwhile, I really like the Russell Wilson articles the best. You could call it a man crush, but it’s actually a little bit more than that. In the end, I will be here waiting for him.

  • sliceAndDice

    The whole league is infatuated with the size Seattle’s corners and then they let this guy fall until the sixth round just because he isn’t a true CB. Seattle’s gonna have a nasty D for years.

  • Ronny from Seattle

    No reason this guy couldn’t be like Browner in his ability rock receivers into submission. Browner helped bring the boom. I’m glad the Hawks brought in a guy that has that kind of nasty.