What does WWE do without Daniel Bryan?

Daniel Bryan underwent successful neck surgery this past Thursday. Just over a month after the biggest night in his career, Daniel Daniel Bryan
Bryan will be on the shelves for at least a month.

Where does WWE go now? What do they do with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Well, that isn’t an easy question to answer.

For one, no one is sure how long Bryan will be out. It’s been rumored he will be out 6-8 weeks, which would potentially bring the WWE World Heavyweight Champ back by SummerSlam, but that is if all goes well in recovery. A neck injury is one of the scariest of injuries and one can’t be too careful with recovery after neck surgery.

I’ll assume he will be out until SummerSlam just because that is what is anticipated to happen. So, WWE.com has said that The Authority will make a decision this Monday Night on RAW regarding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (I’m going to say WWE World Title from now on).

Ultimately, the Authority has two choices: let Bryan keep the title through the injury, or vacate it. Let’s take a look at both options. First we’ll start with letting DBry keep the title.

Can WWE do this? Go two months with the champion out of action? It sounds crazy, but I think they can.

There are two pay-per-views between now and SummerSlam: Payback on on June 1st and Money in the Bank on June 29th. That’s six episodes of Monday Night RAW before Money in the Bank takes place. Here’s how I look at it:

Payback has two main events lined up right now. John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt in a Last Man Standing Match (which should be great), and the Shield vs. Evolution Round 2. If Bryan hadn’t gotten injured, he likely have gone on to face Kane again. In all honesty, that would have likely been the third most anticipated match on the card.

That gets us to June 2nd without Bryan, but then WWE would have to go four weeks of it’s flagship show without one of the biggest names in the company. Ratings would surely take a hit, but I think they could do it. Money in the Bank already has a main event that can pretty much sell itself and that is the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which features several top stars in a giant ladder match.

Two pay-per-views could go by and WWE could be (potentially) fine without Bryan, They could have him make a return in time to take on a top opponent at SummerSlam. So it’s possible, but unlikely the decision the WWE will go with.

The more likely scenario will be that the Authority will strip Bryan of his WWE World Title. Ever since SummerSlam last year, Tripletriple h stephanie H and Stephanie McMahon have been trying to keep Daniel away from the title. Why would they all of a sudden decide to keep the title on him? It just wouldn’t go along with what they have been doing.

They finally have a good reason to take the title from him, and I think they will do that. But then, who gets the title?

There are some good options. Batista would make a very good and believable champion, but he is likely taking time off to promote his Marvel film Guardians of the Galaxy. Randy Orton was just the title holder for months so he would be a good choice, but his last reign was extremely dry and fans just wouldn’t want to see that. John Cena is always a good fallback plan for WWE, but fans would be outraged to see him take the title.

There’s options in the mid-card that wouldn’t be bad. Dolph Ziggler is a former champion who fans would love to see become champ. Sheamus is a brawler that fans like as well, and Cesaro has just picked up recent success since Wrestlemania 30. With that said, Cesaro and Ziggler both have recently been buried in bad mid-card matches that wouldn’t make them believable champions. Sheamus just won the US Title, so it would be weird to see him drop that so fast.

That leaves two real options in my opinion. One is Brock Lesnar. He just earned the biggest prize the company has to offer when he beat the streak at Wrestlemania 30. The only issue is that his contract is just for limited appearances on RAW and pay-per-view. The WWE could work something out with him if he became champion, but his contract makes him the less likely option of the two.

The other and most likely option is the best heel the company has right now, and he also happens to be the COO of the WWE. Yep, I think the best option for the next WWE World Title holder is Triple H. triple h champ

Why? Because it would drive fans insane. People couldn’t stand Triple H when he was consistently burying and screwing over Daniel Bryan. He drew heat after the Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber that no heel in a while has created. Imagine him stripping Bryan of the title and then somehow giving it to himself. Fans would hate it and it would be great.

He would build up massive heat over the next two months. That would create a perfect time for Daniel Bryan to show up and take back what is rightfully his at SummerSlam on August 17th.

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