Dallas Cowboys: Why Devin Street was their best pick

street pick

Now that the 2014 NFL draft has passed we can now begin to evaluate who the Dallas Cowboys’ best selection was. Some individuals may think that Zach Martin, the first round selection, was the smartest pick because Martin will provide stability to the offensive line and will also give the Cowboys three offensive lineman under the age of 24 (Smith, Martin, Frederick). However, based on their historically poor defense last season, it is troubling to know that the Cowboys did not address the side of the ball that needed the most work.

Others may suggest that new defensive lineman DeMarcus Lawrence was the best pick. I would disagree with this selection as well because of what that the Cowboys had to give up in order to select him. While Lawrence may have become a solid starter and add depth to the defensive front, by trading the Redskins their 3rd round selection (78th overall), the Cowboys were in essence giving up 2 starters for 1.

For a team that lacks depth like the Cowboys, capable players that can come in and make an immediate impact are needed in quantity. This lack of depth should have been addressed by using their 3rd round selection and remaining for their current selections of 47th and 78th overall. While Lawrence may be a good player, I for one doubt that he will be able to match the potential production that 2 other players could have (Kony Ealy & Trai Turner for example).

The best selection the Cowboys made in the 2014 NFL draft was in the 5th round when they selected Devin Street, the WR from Pittsburgh. A few days prior to the NFL Draft I wrote about potential sleepers that the Cowboys should consider. Street was one of those players and based on where they were able to select him I feel that they may have selected an absolute gem.

Street has excellent body length and room to bulk up, which may be a concern for durability issues. But what I personally believe is Street’s best attribute is his knack for being able to adjust and concentrate to make catches that other receivers simply can’t make. Street will be added to a receiving corps that is lacking depth, but has a superstar in Dez Bryant. Because Bryant will often command double teams, that should enable Street to be in single coverage more often. This should help to develop a chemistry between Tony Romo and Street that could prove reliable as the season progresses. Street’s size and speed in theory could give him an advantage in red zone situations that would give the defense one more thing to worry about.

While some may believe that Street will never accomplish much in the league much like Danny Coale, the WR the Cowboys selected in 2012 at 152nd overall, given the current state of the receiving corps and the lack of current injuries holding him back, there is no doubt that Street can come in and make an immediate impact.

  • Marc

    Danny Coale is quick and shifty dont know why people keep writing him off. Good things seem to happen when he is on the field. He is a Wes Welker type.

    • Gregory Mullen

      We wrote him off because he has made no impact and is no longer on the Cowboys. They drafted Coale in 2012 and signed Cole Beasley as an undrafted free agent. Beasley is still on the roster and Coale isn’t.