Kansas City Chiefs: Why Aaron Murray was their best pick

Kansas City Chiefs

Fifth round pick Aaron Murray has a lot of potential that could help the Chiefs in the future (thefootballeducator.com)

The Kansas City Chiefs concluded the 2014 NFL Draft with six picks and added key players that could help the team both right now and in the future. One of the most notable picks that was overlooked by many teams and even devalued by many due to an injury he sustained in his senior year at Georgia, is quarterback Aaron Murray who the Chiefs selected this year in the 5th round of the draft.

The present

Alex Smith is the starter for the Kansas City Chiefs, and no one is going to be taking his job away anytime soon. In Smith’s first year with the Chiefs in 2013, he led the team to the playoffs and elevated his play while showing the ability that he could throw the ball vertically down field.

Smith was drafted first overall in 2005 and has been a starter in the league since. He has had his shares of ups and downs and has been coached by numerous coaches in his career so far. Smith could be a valuable asset to Aaron Murray in the early part of his career. Murray will get the chance to sit behind Smith this year, and most likely the next few, and will be able to be mentored by a quarterback who brings a lot of experience about how to deal with both success and failures.

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The future

Aaron Murray was a four year starter at Georgia and has had lots of experience playing against NFL-caliber players in the SEC. Murray is a solid long-term option for the Chiefs organization. Although a little smaller than most would like their typical quarterback to be, Murray has proven he can play at a high level against tough defenses and has shown the ability to move around the pocket and use his feet to pick up yards when needed.


Potential is something that is definitely overused in the sports world. All players have potential, but it is what they do with it that makes the difference between winning and losing.

Aaron Murray has a lot of upside. He was a player who the Chiefs could have drafted number one overall in 2013 if he did not decide to stay in school, but instead they got him in round five in 2014.

There should not be a lot of pressure on Murray to succeed in the NFL, and especially right away. Typically, teams’ future starting quarterbacks are drafted in the first three rounds of the draft. With Murray going at the end of day two, he should not feel the pressure of a number one pick. This will allow him to focus on getting better and being able to perform at a high level when his number is called in the future.

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