MSU football: How much will Damion Terry play in 2014?

About 8 months ago, chants of “We want Terry!” rang out through Spartan Stadium as angry Spartan fans watched quarterback Andrew Maxwell struggle against Western Michigan in Michigan State’s season opener.

Damion Terry will be used in a variety of ways in 2014

Damion Terry will be used in a variety of ways in 2014

Fans never got their wish to see Terry on the field last season, but they did get Connor Cook. In 2013, Cook won the B1G Championship Game and Rose Bowl MVP, and will surely be the starting quarterback for MSU in 2014 barring injury. But some Spartan fans are still wondering how much, if at all, they will get to see Damion Terry on the field in 2014.

Since he committed to play for the Spartans, Damion Terry has been somewhat of a folk legend in East Lansing. No one had ever seen him play outside of his high school highlights, but fans were still enamored with him. Spartan fans finally got their first look at Terry in the 2014 Green and White Game, and he didn’t disappoint.

In Terry’s first snap of the game he lined up next to Connor Cook in a shotgun formation and took a handoff 23 yards for a touchdown. His speed and elusiveness led me to mistake him for one of the Spartan’s running backs.

If the spring game is any indication of how Terry will be used this upcoming season, then I can’t wait to see the Spartan offense in 2014.

Three plays really stood out to me in the spring game. One was the aforementioned touchdown run by Terry, and the other two came from similar personnel packages. The second was a handoff to Terry that looked just like the play he scored on, but this time he had a pass option. Terry stretched the play out toward the sideline, and flipped a pass for a first down just before crossing the line of scrimmage. In the third play, Connor Cook faked a jet sweep to Terry which caused the entire defense to bite and left Aaron Burbridge wide open for an easy touchdown catch.

As dynamic as Terry looked when he was on the field with Connor Cook in the spring game, he didn’t look quite as comfortable when he was under center running the offense. As much as Spartan fans don’t want to hear it, he just isn’t ready to take over the offense, and that’s OK.

Fans are itching to see a dual threat quarterback running the Spartan offense, especially after watching the likes of Taylor Martinez and Braxton Miller have so much success in recent years. But for the next two seasons they will have to settle for seeing him used in special packages, which isn’t such a bad thing.

Terry will be a playmaker for the Spartan offense in 2014, even though it won’t be as the starting quarterback. He will provide a breath of fresh air to fans who want to see MSU run a more run and gun type of offense (which isn’t going to happen anytime soon). Nonetheless, Damion Terry will give Michigan State another offensive weapon at their disposal in 2014.

Michigan State fans starving to see Damion Terry on the field will be at least partially satisfied next season as they’ll get to see him used in creative packages. Terry will be the favorite to take over at quarterback in 2016 when Connor Cook graduates, and when he does, fans can finally smile and say to themselves, “We have Terry”.

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