Evaluating the San Jose Earthquakes offensive scheme

The San Jose Earthquakes are thinking of finding new ways to score goals after their 0-0 draw with Colorado. During the rainy and very windy game, the only shot on goal the Quakes had was a header from Alan Gordon in the first minute of the game. That is just not acceptable for a professional team- it’s impossible to score without striking the ball on target.

I feel that with the slow start the Quakes have had so far, they should look into a different way to approach the goal. The Quakes are used to making runs down the sidelines, spreading the defense and attacking from the inside, but it wasn’t working against the Rapids. I felt like the Quakes were a one-trick pony and Colorado knew how to defend their strategy.

Another factor that may be in play is their new formation. The Quakes are using a 4-1-4-1 which is four defenders, followed by a central defensive mid, then two wingers, two central midfielders and one striker. This is a very defensive formation and is most likely a big reason that their offense is struggling.

They say that the best offense is a great defense, but if the other team is playing the same exact way, you’ll have two teams sitting and waiting for the other team to attack in order to launch a counter attack, and completely catch them off guard. What I think the Quakes should do is change their formation to either a 4-3-3 or a 4-4-2. Both would offer more of an offense, and keep the defense relatively strong.

Having a central defensive mid is only necessary when a team’s offense is very effective, and preventing the other team from scoring is the objective. With the Quakes new edition of Andreas Görlitz, the Bayern Munich veteran, their defense should be much stronger and render the use of a central defensive-mid completely unnecessary.

What the Quakes should really focus on is their offensive strategy. The Quakes should move Wondolowski back up top, and they should try their new forward Billy Schuler up top as well, especially since Lenhart is unfit to play for about another month.

Depending on Saturday’s game against the Chivas, the Quakes should be able to figure out whether or not their current lineup and formation will work for them. If they lose, I believe they really should consider trying Billy Schuler up top, or switching the formation. The weather is perfect and the Quakes should be able to pull of an easy victory if they utilize their players and get those shots on target.

I believe the quakes have a really good shot at winning the title this season. As long as they find the right form they will be unstoppable, especially when all of the Quakes return from injury. Goonies never die.

San Jose Earthquakes

Chris Wondolowski