Barcelona F.C. is in need of renewal: Luis Enrique and Marc-André ter Stegen are just the first step

Barcelona F.C. showed how clueless they were on the loss against Atletico Madrid for the Champions league and for the deciding final match of the season. Critics are calling this full season a failure, but the truth is that Barcelona is still one of the strongest teams in the world, with some best players, and they still managed to beat other great teams like Real Madrid.

It hasn’t been an easy season for Barcelona overall, especially in the new year, the injuries and the aging of most of the players were crucial to the downfall of the team. The coaching team headed by Gerardo Martino wasn’t been able to figure out how to make the team work together, it all started with irregularities by losing against teams that are, by paper, no match, such a Levante.

Luis Enrique was appointed new manager after Martino announced his departure after the game on Saturday. Luis Enrique is not new to the team, he has played most of his career as a player at Barcelona and he has been a coach at “La Masia”. He knows the team and most of his players, but his coaching ability failed when he was giving the opportunity in the Italian league for A.S. Roma, who now with their new coach are better than ever. Only time will tell what Luis Enrique’s abilities will bring to Barcelona F.C., they have hit rock bottom and they need a savior.

The team is in need of new reinforcements immediately, at least one player per position, and they need to incorporate players with long term potential, not just super stars.

Barcelona F.C.

First Barcelona F.C. transfer

With Valdez not renewing his contract, Pinto showing his lack of talent to be the keeper for an important team, Barcelona F.C. announce the first reinforcement,  Marc-André ter Stegen who played for Borussia Mönchengladbach. ter Stegen is young and has been the starting keeper for Borussia since 2011, he has great reflexes and he shows no mercy when attacking the ball on a one-on-one, something the Pinto clearly lacked.

Hopefully the coach and the players will respond and will go back to the way they used to play, taking care of the ball with short quick passes, never clearing the ball, playing patiently even when loosing, and creating their own opportunities by braking the defensive line. This will be hard considering that all teams have learned the way to prevent Barcelona from excelling, they engage in high pressure, full team defense, free kicks, and counter-attacks.