Why Freddie Freeman is the Atlanta Braves’ best bat

In game three of the Atlanta Braves versus the St. Louis Cardinals series, the Braves chalked up another win, finishing with a score of 6 – 5 to keep themselves just one half game ahead of the Washington Nationals, who had their way with the New York Mets to keep the pressure on the Braves. As of the Braves’ 5 – 0 win over the Milwaukee Brewers, they have more breathing room as they now hold a 1.5 game lead over the Nationals.

In the Braves’ win against the Cardinals, Justin Upton solo homered and the Cardinals’ bullpen blew the game when Trevor Rosenthal walked in a run while Carlos Martinez threw a wild pitch that Ryan Doumit capitalized on to shoot the Redbirds down. The other three runs were scored by Freddie Freeman, who also solo homered and hit a line drive to send in two more runs. With this, it not only continues to show that Freeman is a Cardinal killer, he’s just a killer at the plate in general.

A ball killer

Since 2010, Freddie Freeman has been trailblazing through the Braves’ roster, and the fact is that he is one of the few great hitters the Braves can count on almost every time. With a roster that has enough trouble getting on base, Freeman is one of the few opportunities that can help put runs on the board.

This season, Freeman has the most hits on the roster with 52, he has the most RBIs with 28, he has the highest average of any starter the roster right now with .311, and he has hit more doubles than anyone on the ballclub with 11. Also, despite appearing in 41 games – more than any Brave this season – he maintains a fielding percentage of .992. Let’s face it, there’s no doubt that Freeman is a cornerstone of the team.

An All-Star hitter

Atlanta Braves

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The fact Freeman didn’t get to play in what would have been his first All-Star Game last year because of a thumb injury was a pity, but him missing out on playing in this year’s All-Star Game again would be even more disappointing, though there are a few other Braves who could compete for Freeman if he had to miss out again.

The other Braves who deserve to make the NL All-Star team that aren’t pitchers are J. Upton and Andrelton Simmons because they provide offense. J. Upton leads the team in home runs with 12 while Simmons has the third-most base hits on the team at 43. The other Braves haven’t revved up enough to be considered.

Getting more hitters

The Braves have scored the second-fewest amount of runs in the National League with 149. That’s how unspectacular the card is, but when only four of your regular batters are posting averages higher than .250 it’s expected.

While the card continues to fizzle out, the MLB Draft is approaching, not to mention there are still plenty of hitters in the minors with Christian Bethancourt, Tommy La Stella, and Todd Cunningham. So there will be plenty of chances for the Braves’ offense to improve. But if Fredi Gonzales doesn’t start tweaking the roster more, then it will be a long season for the Braves. Until then, Freddie Freeman will remain as the most valuable bat in the lineup.

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