New York Giants: Examining the salary cap

New York Giants

Over the past week the New York Giants draft class have officially begun signings. From the start of free agency the Giants budget has always been the center of attention. This year they were able to make decent picks based on the $133 million they had to spend.

At the moment the Giants have $3,900,091 left in their salary cap. They have yet to sign Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, Trindon Holliday, and Mario Manningham, so some of that money still has to go to them. Also, Jay Bromley of the new draft class has not signed his contract but will be doing so any day now. When the team finally releases David Baas on June first they will add on another five million to the pot to be distributed.

New York Giants

Eli Manning

When you look at $133 million salary cap, you have to question where a chunk of that money goes. The top moneymaker on the team is none other than quarterback, Eli Manning. He has a six-year contract worth $97.5 million with an average salary of $16.25 mil. The next closest to that amount of money is Victor Cruz’s contract for $43 million. The Giants spent more than $166 million (over the next couple years) alone in free agent contracts for this “rebuilding” year.

Of the seven men chosen in the draft the first to be inked was Andre Williams and Nat Berhe last Friday. All contracts are for four years with the exception of first round pick. These new up and comers contracts look vastly different then Manning’s and are almost comical in comparison.

Andre Williams was drafted in the fourth round and has signed for $2,673,600 contract terms and an average salary of $668,400. Nat Berhe, a fifth round draft pick, was signed for $2,412,800 with an average salary of $603,200. Not bad for a 21 and 22 year old fresh out of college.

Berhe showed his excitement through Twitter and tweeted out “First Eritrean in the NFL?” His father was born in the country, which is located in the Horn of Africa and resided there until he moved to the United Sates. They have never had an NFL athlete come out of this region so it has brought extreme nationalistic support.

New York Giants

Bennett Jackson

Fifth round Linebacker, Devon Kennard signed a four-year deal for $2,364,560 with an average salary of $591,140. Shortly after, sixth round pick, Bennett Jackson signed for $2,330,060 with $582,515 average.Kennard showed his enthusiasm for the Giants through Twitter as well. Monday he tweeted, “Just signed my contract :: I’M OFFICALLY A NY GIANT!!!”

The number one draft picks contract looked a little bit different but still a ways from the veteran’s contracts. Odell Beckham signed for $10,406,198 with $2,601,550 average salary. He was also given a signing bonus of $5.9 million. Being the number one pick clearly has its perks but also brings some unwanted attention.

New York Giants

Odell Beckham gets some serious media attention from his ex “fiance”

Following his signing his ex “fiancé” claimed that he is the father to their love child and had a threesome with two strippers in New Orleans. According to the Daily News, Beckham was quick to defend himself through the Giants and said, “The entire story is fabricated, I have never been engaged. I don’t have any children. And I have never met this person who is making these claims.” The family has hired an attorney to handle the situation. Good thing he just made all this money.

As I mentioned previously third round draft pick, Jay Bromley has yet to be signed but it could happen at anytime. Also the second round center, Weston Richburg’s numbers haven’t been released. Since both were drafted in the earlier rounds their contracts should look fairly similar and slightly higher then the fourth and fifth rounder members. The NFL deals with some serious funds and its interesting to break them all down and see where the money really goes. The Giants went on a massive spending spree this season so hopefully it pays off in the long run. These rookies better bring it.