VCU Basketball: A-10 team pairings are released

With 14 competitive teams in the A-10, pairings can make or break a team’s record. Last season VCU went undefeated at home and had some big losses on the road. For teams like the Rams, who tend to play differently on the road, the pairings they have away can affect their season for better or for worse.

Photo Credit: Patrick Wood

Photo Credit: Patrick Wood

In the upcoming 2014-15 season all A-10 teams will get the chance to play each other once. Each team will have the opportunity to play five teams twice, just like last season. VCU had some tough road loses last season which were to GW, UMass, Saint Louis and Saint Joseph’s. VCU looked like a different team when they traveled to these campuses and fans weren’t pleased with the surprising losses.

On the other hand, VCU defeated every team that walked through the doors of the Siegel Center. With that in mind, things are looking good for the Rams next season. VCU will host Dayton, La Salle, UMass, Saint Joseph’s, Davidson, George Mason, GW, Richmond and Saint Louis. Four of those teams ranked in the top 5 of the A-10 last season and Dayton made it to the Elite Eight. VCU should be able to defeat all of these teams at home which should help them build a winning record. Additionally, VCU will play Davidson, Saint Louis, Richmond, GW and George Mason twice. With how the teams played last season, the Rams should be able to defeat Davidson, Richmond and George Mason somewhat easily.

VCU Rams defeat Richmond at home (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

VCU Rams defeat Richmond at home (Photo Credit: Patrick Wood)

Davidson is an A-10 newcomer, so it’s hard to say how they will perform in the conference since we have yet to see them play in it. With their record of 20-13 last season, it looks as though VCU has a better team and should be able to defeat them.

It’s no secret that VCU has a top 2014 recruiting class coming in next fall. The Rams, with old and new players, look to stack up well against their fellow A-10 competitors. With the pairings the Rams have next season, they have some great opportunities to pull out wins.

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