Where do the Dallas Mavericks go from here?

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The Dallas Mavericks had a great bounce back year. After going to the playoffs for 12 straight seasons from 2001-2012, the Mavericks failed to make the playoffs in 2013. But that didn’t mean this team was going into rebuilding mode.

The Monta Ellis pickup may have been one of the smartest and impactful moves from last year’s offseason. Dirk Nowitzki stepped his game up big time from last season. From only playing 53 games last year to playing in 80 games this season, he increased his shooting percentage from last year as well as his scoring average. The German proved he still has a few years left where he can be a high level All-Star caliber player.

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After a seven game series in which they lost to the San Antonio Spurs, where do the Mavericks go from here?   For starters, the Mavericks have $30 million in cap space to use this offseason. The first issue the Mavericks need to take care of is resigning Nowitzki. He has already come out publicly and said he is willing to take a significant pay cut to bring in another big name free agent. I’m going to assume Nowitzki will get the Tim Duncan treatment and receive a $30 million contract over three years.

The Mavericks should resign Vince Carter due to his willingness to come off the bench, score points, hit big shots, and play good defense.

The Mavericks should also bring back Devin Harris. He’s a great guard to be coming off the bench and with the way he preformed in playoffs he proved he could play big minutes.

The Mavericks should also try to resign Dejuan Blair due to his high energy; he would be a great back up for Dirk. But the Mavericks still have money to spend even if they sign all four of these players.

So here’s where things can get really interesting. The Mavericks should try to pursue Paul Pierce; he’d fit right into the starting small forward position making that team much more deadly and clutch.

If the team were to have enough cap space, they should attempt to get Luol Deng who averages 16 points a night or Rudy Gay, who averages 20 points a night. The Mavericks need someone to fill that starting small forward role because I believe they shouldn’t resign Shawn Marion- he averages just 10 a night and he was also making $9 million last season; at this point in his career he isn’t worth that much.

Yes, you could say Luol Deng and Rudy Gay are too expensive but those guys are more of an impact on the floor than Marion scoring wise and all of them play phenomenal defense. The Mavericks also don’t need to sign both Deng and Gay, but they should definitely put themselves in the running for both of them. Rudy Gay does have a player option but I see him declining the player option because of how atrocious the Sacramento Kings have been with him on the team.

No matter what happens this offseason, the Dallas Mavericks will without question make moves this offseason. Mark Cuban will put the team in the same position they were this year: one game away from making it too the second round of the 2014 playoffs. At this point whatever basketball decisions Mark Cuban makes the Mavericks can only get better.