FC Dallas: Injuries jeopardizing season

At the beginning of the season, it was apparent that FC Dallas was one of the teams to beat this season. The club owned by the historic and highly-regarded Hunts Sports Group, won four of its first five games. The fans were happy, the players looked full of life and Dallas was in contention to win the Supporters Shield.

It looked as though Óscar Pareja has brought some of the coaching brilliance he showcased in Colorado to revive Dallas. The former FC Dallas assistant coach had changed the team’s mentality and it was obvious by the way the players gave 100 percent every time on the field.

However, Pareja’s side has ran into an obstacle; an obstacle so great, it can reroute the direction of a team faster than the speed of light. Injury, that’s the obstacle that’s halted the Texas club’s march to the playoff.

FC Dallas faithful’s have been despondent spectators as their team disintegrates as a result of numerous injuries.

From creative midfielder, Mauro Diaz, to veteran defender, George John, Pareja has had to watch as his roster gets slimmer. In his first year as a head coach in Dallas, the 45-year-old must be fed up with receiving weekly injury news and having to shuffle his squad. He’s started numerous players, some out of position, and he has relied on youngsters like Danny Garcia to deliver the desired results.

FC Dallas

FC Dallas top goalscorer Michel

After receiving news that top goalscorer Michel wasn’t going to be available on Wednesday against LA Galaxy, Dallas suffered another injury blow. Midfielder Andrew Jacobson went down midway through the first half in a game FC Dallas would eventually lose by a 2-1 score line.

Even without Raul Fernandez and John, Pareja was able to guide his team to a meritorious start, but since Diaz went down against D.C. United, his team hasn’t won a game.

To put it nicely, their performances have been abysmal. Diaz was front and center of Dallas’ offense and in the five games without him, the team hasn’t scored more than one goal per game. Fabian Castillo has been asked to be the offensive initiator, but he’s failed because of the lack of support.

The team’s worse offensive performance since the injury to Diaz was against San Jose Earthquakes. San Jose picked up an early lead, but a red card to Shea Salinas meant Dallas were one man up the entire second half. As a result of the team’s lack of creativity and good goalkeeping by Jon Busch, shorthanded Earthquakes ended up winning the game.

One can’t help but feel bad for all FC Dallas fans out there. It’s déjà vu all over again. They were ecstatic as their team took control of first place in the Western Conference at the beginning of last season, only to grieve as their dearly beloved vigorously crashed to eight place at the end of the season.

With Hendry Thomas and Diaz expected to be sidelined for at least the next two weeks, the confrontation against unbeaten Real Salt Lake that’s scheduled for Saturday could be the end for an injured FC Dallas.

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