Golden State Warriors: Is Kevin Love Worth It?

The Golden State Warriors have their new coach. That new coach has expressed his desire for a power forward that stretches the floor. The Warriors aren’t afraid of getting involved in trades for big named players. So it only makes sense that Kevin Love would be on their wish list as well. What also works is that Love is interested in the Warriors as well as a couple of other teams. So what will it take to get Love?


Kevin Love would certainly make the Golden State Warriors a much more formidable offensive team, but is the price tag too much for the Warriors

The Warriors are a team, as one member of the Warriors organization said, that usually get their guy. If that’s the case then Love will be a Warrior. However, will the Warriors have enough to appease the Minnesota Timberwolves if indeed they do decide to trade for Love? The Timberwolves will obviously want a lot back in return for their star player. The Warriors right now would more than likely give up Harrison Barnes and David Lee in a deal for Love. However, that probably won’t be enough

In order to get Love, it might take giving up shooting guard Klay Thompson; which the Warriors have already said they won’t be doing, which is the right decision. The NBA’s weakest position is shooting guard so why would the Warriors want to give up a guy who is one of the better ones in the league as early as next year? If the Warriors have to give up Thompson in order to get Love, they might choose to pass on that offer, as they should.

Another option that the Warriors will more than likely explore is to get a third team involved. So far, at least according to reports, the Warriors are talking to the Orlando Magic about possibly taking on Lee and his contract. Whether or not these reports are true remains to be seen, but the Warriors were able to pull off Andre Iguodala in a similar fashion last year. If the Warriors are able to pull off a trade for Love it would certainly make them a formidable team in the Western Conference, especially if they are able to keep Thompson.


In order to get Kevin Love Warriors will more than likely have to part ways with Klay Thompson. The Warriors have already said they won’t be trading Thompson, so things could get interesting. (Rocky Widner/Getty Images)

So is Love worth it? Absolutely he is. He’s the best power forward in the NBA and a top 10, maybe even top 5, player in the NBA. If you add him with Stephen Curry that will make a great pairing. If the Warriors are able to keep Thompson then that’s an incredible big 3 that can rival any teams big three. Love would immediately come in and be the leading scorer for the Warriors and take some pressure off of Curry. Curry would then be able to focus more on point guard duties, which is his ultimate job in the first place.

Love is worth it, but only if the Warriors don’t give up Thompson. Thompson is an extremely valuable player. He’s a great shooter, improving scorer, underrated defender and distributor. Love is a better player than Thompson, but it would be difficult to replace Thompson. Shooting guards of Thompson caliber are difficult to find in the NBA and the Warriors are still a quality team without Love.

The Warriors should be smart about how they trade for Love. If they are able to get Love without giving up Thompson, then do it. If Thompson is involved the Warriors should say no, unless Minnesota shooting guard Kevin Martin is part of the trade. It should be very intriguing to monitor the Love circus in the coming weeks and months, to not only see where he goes, but also what teams are willing to give up for him.

  • Alan Craig

    Iggy cost them 2014-17 1st round draft choices plus some 2’s to Jazz to take salaries to pay him. There is no way for Wolves to take Warriors offer without Thompson and Lee. Because Rubio doesn’t score, Thompson would be 20 ppg and Lee would do his 18-10 like he has averaged for last 6 years. With Curry and Love, the pick and roll would be as good or better than Stockton and Malone. Both should be 25+ ppg and could run with Iggy G and Barnes SF playing Brewer’s role with Wolves. Barnes was misused in Jackson’s static offense and Iggy’s strengths has been running. Since both Curry and Love can pass, it would difficult to double either. So Warriors don’t need Thompson if they get Love and are covered by additional points Barnes, Iggy, and Love.