Pittsburgh Steelers: Three questions heading into OTA’s

The Pittsburgh Steelers will start OTAs this Tuesday. Although OTAs are “football in shorts,” it’s still gives us a reason to look forward to what the Steelers may have to offer in the early stages of the season.


3. Which veterans will take part?

OTA’s usually doesn’t bolster too many high profile names. This season probably won’t be any different but just maybe some of the veterans will show up from time to time. Where the Steelers should want a presence is on the offensive side. The receiving core should want to get some early work in as many new faces are on the scene.

The secondary could also use some veteran help to get players like Mike Mitchell comfortable with the team. It isn’t likely a lot of vets will show their face but this is an important offseason for the team, some extra time wouldn’t hurt.

2. Which late-round draft pick will show the most heart?

You’re a rookie, you want to make a good first impression. Rookie camp was the first step, OTA’s is the next. Late round picks like cornerback Shaq Richardson or tight end Rob Blanchflower are the type of guys who need to make a lasting impression right from the get-go.

Standing out early is a key element when fighting for a main roster spot as a rookie. Although the top picks will want to show their stuff too, it’s the late rounders that will need to flourish early and often.

1. Which rookie will be the best of the best?Pittsburgh Steelers

First rounder to last rounder, someone will be leaps and bounds above the rest.

Likely candidate is first round pick, linebacker Ryan Shazier. Shazier was their first pick for a reason and should be expected to perform like a first rounder.

The most interesting pick, at least in my opinion, is third round pick Dri Archer.

I thought it was bit of a reach for the Steelers to take this guy in the third round. He was another player they chose based on his speed. He’s fast, real fast.

He will most likely be a return man all season but it’ll be interesting to see his speed and abilities during OTAs. He has a good chance to blow people away during OTAs.

Stephon Tuitt, the second round pick has high expectations. I think he’ll make an impact right away and could be the guy who is praised all offseason. He’s a good fit for the team and will be asked to make significant difference this season.

  • Bob Graff

    I would think someone like DeCastro could use this extra work to improve. Even though many fans consider him a great player , that opinion doesn’t extend past the steeler fan base.In fact with that thought in mind the whole unit could use the work. As far as the rookies go as always it’s going to be a wait and see process, from 1-7 none seem to be a lock as all of them have weak points to there game.