Atlanta Hawks: Possible free agent pick-ups

Last week I talked about which Atlanta Hawks free agents would stay and which would go. Basing what I said in that article we’ll look at some possible free agent signings the Hawks could make this summer.

The Hawks will enter free agency with approximately 15 million to spend.

Here are some suggestions that readers gave me and my responses:

Anthony, Carmelo (usable)Carmelo Anthony: Is he staying in New York? Where is he going? I can assure you one thing and that is that Anthony will not be in a Hawks uniform next season. One thing Atlanta is not good at is luring in big stars. See past years as an example. Melo will likely demand a max contract and the Hawks just can’t afford that long term. Carmelo doesn’t fit into Budenholzer’s system because it’s a selfless, pass-first system. Melo isn’t a good fit.

Luol Deng: This one’s interesting, because the one position the Hawks could use an upgrade at is the small forward position. Deng is still a good defender and is a smart player. I think he is a great fit in Bud’s offense, but one problem exists. Eric Pinkus of suggest that Deng is looking for “A three or four year deal ($37.6-$51.2 million) starting at almost $12 million for the first year.” Deng is good, but he not worth this kind of money. Signing him would do more harm long term.

Greg Monroe: He might be out the door in Detroit because the Pistons have too many big men and too much money invested in those big men (Andre Drummond and Josh Smith). Monroe would work well in the Hawks system, but the Hawks are set with big men. You could play with the idea of moving Paul Millsap and Al Horford down one spot to the three and four spots respectively but that would slow down the Hawks’ fast pace offense. Plus Monroe is expected to receive about 12 million a year. He’s probably not worth it.

Gordon Hayward: I really like this kid. His numbers have not progressed as much as the Utah Jazz would have liked, but he is the exact kind of player that would benefit from the floor spacing the Hawks offense creates. Andrew Bailey of Bleacher Report suggests that Hayward will get 10 million a year, which is doable, but since the Jazz had a rough lottery and ended up with the fifth pick, Utah will probably push hard to resign him.

Danny Granger: To me, Granger is not the player the Hawks should look for unless it was a short deal for little money. He would be an overall good addition, but he’s not a significant improvement over Carroll.

Small forward seems to be the most glaring need for the Hawks, but I think Demarre Carroll progressed enough throughout the season that he should keep his starting role. Plus his work ethic is great. Carroll told Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution that his goal this summer is to improve his 3-point shooting and become “the black Kyle Korver.” (Yes he actually said that.)

In my opinion the Hawks should hold their money, add some depth to the roster through small roster moves and focus on the draft.

There are definitely many more options, so I’m not going to sit here and dissect every single one. Instead I’ll allow you all (the readers) to do so in the comment section or tweet me your opinion/ideas @briangarcia0724.

Next up is the Hawks biggest draft needs and potential targets.

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  • Greg

    Would love to see Parsons, Hawes, or Jordan Hill.

  • Brian Garcia

    Some others I didn’t get to address: Omer Asik (via Trade), Earl Clark, Spencer Hawes, Trevor Ariza and Jordan Hill. What’s your opinion?

    • Willie D

      Good article… Any of those guys you mentioned (Asik, Ariza, Hill, etc.) would be good additions to our team, but like you said, let’s focus on the draft. Good organizations draft well.