Indianapolis Colts: Daniel Adongo becomes more freaky

According to a recent report from George Bremer, outside linebacker Daniel Adongo has bulked up from 257-pounds to 282-pounds this off-season.

That is not a typo, he gained nearly 30 pounds, and he said he has not lost any significant amount of athleticism, if any.

This is a scary thought for opposing linemen, tight ends and running backs. The only problem is, Adongo still has to learn how to properly play the game of football.

This is not an impossible feat, though. We’ve seen players do this in a short amount of time and become, at least decent players in the NFL (Ezekial Ansah, who has the potential to become a very good pass rusher).

And with the suspension of veteran Robert Mathis, Adongo stepping up and aiding as a pass rush specialist would be a huge boost for the Indianapolis Colts defense.

Adongo had a few special teams’ snaps last year, but he didn’t really do much. He just got in some NFL experience and adjusted to wearing, and running in, pads.

The reason for optimism here is that Adongo is an athletic freak at 6-foot-5 282-pounds, a size that most outside linebackers are not at. Now, some people may see that as a reason that he may not succeed, because he isn’t in a typical outside linebacker mold, but I see it as the opposite.

Adongo is a special athlete as a gigantic size, and that should give him an advantage that most players at his position don’t have.

The Colts will have plenty of players that will be fun to watch in OTAs and training camp, but none may be more intriguing than Adongo. Go Colts!