New York Giants: Positional battles to watch

The New York Giants coaches are going to be seeing a whole new level of competition this offseason. Not with other teams, but between the men on their own roster. There are a lot of Giants fighting for the same roster spots, so a challenging preseason is going to determine who gets what spot. The following are a couple of guys and two positional battles you should keep your eye on to see who is awarded the top spot.

New York Giants

Ryan Nassib

Ryan Nassib, Curtis Painter, and Josh Freeman (backup quarterback)

Since being drafted last year, Ryan Nassib has striven to be the number two quarterback after Eli Manning, however, this season he is going to have some competition. Curtis Painter and Josh Freeman have been signed; this may be due to Nassib’s lack of development or just the pure uncertainty that he will be beneficial.

Nassib was inactive for all 16 regular season games last year so this might be the telltale sign the Giants have little faith in him. Freeman and Painter are going to give Nassib a run for his money so this spot is a definite must-watch. The backup quarterback is a necessity to the team and Nassib might just be out.

J.D Walton and Weston Richburg (center)

For this matchup we have the rookie and the veteran battling it out for center. Walton, the free agent, has had four years experience and stands at 6-foot-3, 308 pounds. Richburg, trailing right behind Walton is 6-foot-3, 298 pounds. The two men are painfully similar in body size, so the only thing that really stands between them is experience.

Walton has been out of the game since 2012 were he dislocated his ankle and broke his fibula. He previously started 36 games in a row for the Denver Broncos so we know he has had the skills to make things happen for the Giants. Richburg might be the obvious go-to though because of his young, fresh take on the game. New York may want to develop their rookie for the future, and he’s an ideal player so this competition is going to be intense.

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New York Giants

J.D Walton

Adrien Robinson, Kellen Davis, Xavier Grimble, Larry Donnell, and Daniel Fells (tight end)

Another area we are undoubtedly going to see competition in is at tight end. During the draft nobody was chosen who has skill in this area. Ben McAdoo has not revealed who is on his radar to fill the position but it has to be someone worth his while.

So far they have Adrien Robinson, Kellen Davis, Xavier Grimble, Larry Donnell, and Daniel Fells from the Giants organization already who play this position. With this many options, one of them has to be who McAdoo wants. They need a player who is able to really move around a lot and run the different routes McAdoo is attempting to perfect. For me I think they are either going to be in favor of Robinson or Donnell, both are young and have the skill sets that would benefit the team but we wont know until McAdoo wants us to know.

The competition is going to be steep because a Super Bowl win is already on everyone’s minds. With that being said, quarterback, center, and tight end are the positions to keep an eye on this offseason.

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    How about every position on the Offense other than Eli and Cruz?

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    right Guard ?