North American LCS: Week one power rankings

With week one finished, it’s time to look at which teams are hot and which teams are not in the North American LCS. With week one being a super week, each team has four games under their belts and we have a good idea of what to expect from them in the coming weeks.

With it being the start of a new split, the story lines consist mainly of new teams and roster changes. This had a significant impact in the action week one, with surprising games and the teams at the top in the spring (Cloud 9, Team SoloMid, and Counter Logic Gaming) all going down with a loss. I’ll go more in depth on this later, but now let’s take a look at the initial power rankings for the summer split.

1. LMQ (4-0)

From dominating the Challenger Series to now dominating the LCS, LMQ has burst to the top. They took out Counter Logic Gaming day one, so we’ll still need to see how they do against Cloud 9 or Team SoloMid.¬†They currently have two players that have a KDA over ten, with Vasilii (AD carry) at 15.3 and XiaoWeiXiao (mid lane) at 11.3. Let’s see if they can keep this up throughout the split.

Team Dignitas

Shiphtur, Team Dignitas

2. Team Dignitas (3-1)

Dig is riding high with the new team composition, taking down Cloud 9 in week one for the second split in a row. With Zion Spartan (replacing Cruzerthebruzer) and Shiphtur (replacing high schooler goldenglue, who replaced fan favorite Scarra last split) from Team Coast, they now have solid solo laners and have some fire power aside from Imaqtpie. This has helped all the returning members, as KiWiKiD and Crumbzz have both improved consistently with Imaqtpie. This could be the year they make it to the top.

3. Team SoloMid (3-1)

They have seemed to recover some from their woes at the end of last split. The flow is still off, but it hasn’t ruined any games yet. The replacing of Xpecial by promoting Gleebglarbu hasn’t been too noticeable, but replacing TheOddOne in the jungle with Amazing (formerly of Europe’s Copenhagen Wolves) has had a major impact. Amazing is up and coming, where TheOddOne just seemed to hit a wall in the spring that hurt the team down the stretch. If they keep it up, they could become champion once more.

4. Cloud 9 HyperX (2-2)

Like in the spring split, Cloud 9 lost to Dignitas in the opening super week. Is this a sign of things to come? I think not. Cloud 9 is built to out adjust every other team as the season progresses. I am not surprised that they lost to the newly-beefed Dignitas roster as they had not played them before, but Dignitas better be ready the next time the two of them meet. The compLexity loss, however, was just inexcusable and should never happen. They have some strategies to work on to get back to where they were, but they should be able to do it.

Counter Logic Gamin

Link, Counter Logic Gaming

5. Counter Logic Gaming (2-2)

I still have some reservations about CLG’s play thus far. Yes, they have played well but they got handled by LMQ. They could easily have a split like the last one, where they beat the bottom half consistently but can’t seem to consistently hang with the top teams. The loss of Nien in the top lane will hurt, especially with an unproven Seraph (was their sub). At least they still have Link in the mid lane fresh of his appearance with Cloud 9 at All-Stars, and a tough bottom lane with Doublelift and Aphromoo. Let’s see if they can take the next step to becoming a great team or just stay as a good team.

6. Curse (1-3)

Tough week if you’re a Curse fan. All close games, all close losses. The addition of Xpecial has definitely improved the team’s shot calling in the middle and late game, but they just don’t ever seem to have enough to put them over the top to close these games. They had a shot to take down both LMQ and TSM this week but just couldn’t finish. At least the kept them close.

7. compLexity (1-3)

Rough start for compLexity in the LCS, as through the first three games nobody on the team had above a 1 KDA (ROBERTxLEE was leading them with a .85). Team KDA? .69. That’s just salt in their winless wounds. But then, by some miracle, they took down a vulnerable Cloud 9 squad to get them a win. Maybe they can play like that more often?

8. Evil Geniuses (0-4)

A team that barely stayed out of relegation by beating Cloud 9 Tempest a few weeks ago, EG went right back into the slump from last split. Another 0-4 super week and not many signs of hope. They do have a new AD carry as they’ve been playing with their lineup, but they definitely need more pieces as they have never recovered from Froggen and Wickd transferring to Alliance in Europe.

If you’re interested in the new Fantasy LCS, you can check out my article on the top people to draft at each position. Hint: I didn’t list any LMQ players as I wasn’t sure how they’d do, but XiaoWeiXiao (mid lane), Vasilii (AD carry), and NoName (jungle) are all looking like solid picks right now.