Why Starlin Castro is the Cubs best player

It’s hard to pick the best player on the Chicago Cubs, a team that is last in the MLB and has struggled for the first two months of the season. Never the less, there are still a few bright spots on the team that even the biggest Cub critics can’t deny. Players like Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo, Junior Lake, Mike Olt, and Jeff Samardzija have all been putting up great stats this season, but shortstop Starlin Castro takes the cake.

After struggling in 2013, Castro has bounced back to start the 2014 season. He currently averages .280(2nd on the Cubs behind Emilio Bonifacio), has 6 home runs and has 23 RBI’s to start the season. Castro has also averaged .274 in the last month with 4 dingers and 14 RBI’s, making him pretty hot in the month of May.

Castro has also had a lot of success with the Cubs in the last few seasons, as Castro has had more hits at his position in the last three seasons than any other player (605 Hits) beating out players like Derek Jeter, Hanley Ramirez and Troy Tulowitzki. Castro is also a two-time all star with the Cubs and was 5th in Rookie of the Year voting back in 2010. Starlin’s success at the plate isn’t just the only case though, as his defense has been top notch as well. Castro has made some spectacular plays at the backstop this year, while also having a .967 fielding percentage this season.

starlin castro chicago cubs

Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro.

So even though Castro had struggles behind the plate last season, it seems that so far, he has been able to silence his critics and ha proven that he is the best player on this faltering team.

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  • common sense

    Its sad Castro still swings at anything within 10 feet of the strike zone. He will never be a great player with that lack of discipline and smarts at the plate.

  • Bert D

    Mike Olt?!? Putting up good numbers? He’s hitting a torrid .169, more than 40 points below his weight. Yeah, he occasionally hits a HR, but he also strikes out WAY too often and, it seems, always when the team needs a hit the most. I realize that he is fairly new to the majors, but his performance, if it continues as it currently stands, will not hold him in good stead.