Pittsburgh Steelers: Which rookies will make the team?

They’ve been drafted or picked up as undrafted free agents, but none of these players are guaranteed a spot on the final roster once the NFL season comes around. The Pittsburgh Steelers have a lot of prospects and many of them will make this roster this season. Here are the names you have to believe will make the final cut.

1. Ryan Shazier

Shazier, the first round pick is obviously going to make the cut. Barring an injury, Shazier was drafted to help this team immediately. The defensive front will be beefed up with Shazier on the scene. His speed is was drew the Steelers in and they will hope it pays off with more pressure and sacks on the front end of the defense.

2. Stephon Tuitt

Continuing the trend of the first round, the Steelers took defensive lineman Tuitt to again enhance the front-end pressure. Tuitt will help due to the Steelers need at defensive end. He has a lot of potential and there’s no reseaon the second rounder won’t be expected to be a force right from the start.

3. Dri Archer

Drafted out of Kent State and labeled as a running back, Archer’s speed will be the primary reason he finds himself on the fins roster. The third round pick has special teams written all over him. He’ll be groomed into a return man for the Steelers. His versatility allows him to be used in special packages as well. Screen passes or touch passes could be an option on the offensive side, but for the most part expect the blazing speed of Archer to return kicks and punts.

4. Martavis BryantPittsburgh Steelers

The biggest “catch” for the Steelers this draft is 6-foot-4 Bryant out of Clemson. This wide receiver comes at a much needed time. Ben Roethlisberger’s wanted a big and tall receiver and he’s now got one with great speed as well. Bryant should be used in the red zone and with time he’ll most likely be a steady starter in the receiving corps. Easy choice to add to the final roster.

5. Shaquille Richardson

This one’s tough but I’m going to say this corner out of Arizona makes the cut. He’s nowhere near a starter and needs ample amount of time to develop. The Steelers need corner help, though. He makes the final roster based on the position need in the secondary. HisĀ appearances will be very limited if at allĀ but he could be a continuer on special teams in the mean time.

6. Jordan Zumwalt

Another linebacker, Zumwalt will be a contributor to the Steel Curtain this season as well. He won’t see as much time as Shazier but he’ll make the final roster. He too could be a solid special teams player. Expect a good showing on special teams from this former UCLA player.

7. Dan McCulllers

A freight train of a defensive tackle, McCullers’ size will land him a spot on the roster. Perhaps just a depth holder but we know how injuries can pile up. He needs time to develop into a more sound player but he’s he’s good enough to have around on your final roster.

  • (hate)49ers

    Asante Samuel could be a safe pick. Better then Mccain anyway

  • William Maloni

    I agree with him and also look for UDFAs Howard Jones and Josh Mauro to make the squad, with draft picks Branchflower and Wes Johnson having good chances to make it too,.

  • Bob Graff

    Here the meat and bones of this, The Steelers are in rebuilding mode whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Here is the biggest concern, have they drafted well over the last 3-4 years?? The answer to this question will determine how they fare this season. If the truth be told, there are question marks all over the place.Let’s just hope they have done as well as they say they have. p.s. , there isn’t a CB on the market that can help

  • Russell Stauver

    I see the Steelers picking up a Cornerback after June 1st. As far as McCullers, my wife says size doesn’t matter.

  • (hate)49ers


  • jdwfb55

    Way to go out on a limb with all drafted players….

    • al Johnson

      Yes every will make the team

    • Ryan Petrovich

      It’s not every draft pick, as they had nine total. The entire draft class for the Steelers this year has a lot of potential to make it.