Can the Sacramento Kings trade for Kevin Love?


According to Yahoo Sports, the Sacramento Kings told the Minnesota Timberwolves that their No. 8 NBA draft pick would be available in a trade for star Power Forward Kevin Love, and that they are also willing do to so without any reassurance that Love will re-sign past 2015.

Kings GM Pete D’Alessandro is once again doing what the Kings hired him to do, be aggressive in attempting to turn Sacramento into a winner again. In only his first season with the team, this wouldn’t be the first time that D’Alessandro has attempted to involve the Kings in a blockbuster trade. Earlier this season, he pulled off a deal to bring flashy swingman Rudy Gay to California.

When D’Alessandro made that trade, it was clear that that would be one of many roster shakeups  during the Kings rebuilding process. So now that the Kings have made their initial contact within the variety of teams attending Lovefest, the real question is do the Kings have enough to acquire Kevin Love?

Do they have what it takes?

Financially speaking, they do have what it takes, as they  possess $18 million in expiring contracts to combat Love’s $15.7 million/year salary. Talent-wise, I am not sure if they have enough firepower to convince the Wolves to deal Love. The Kings would surely have to part ways with their draft pick, along with a combination of rotation and role players. The Kings may be able to make an intriguing offer, but are most likely underdogs relative to the Lakers, Celtics, and Cavaliers, who have higher draft picks.

What it will take to get K-Love

In order to make Minnesota an enticing offer for Love, the draft will have to work in Sacramento’s favor. By that, I mean that someone of top-5 value will have to fall to the Kings.

This occurrence is not unlikely, as Ben McLemore, Thomas Robinson, and Demarcus Cousins were all drafted later than projected.  There have been dozens of NBA stars drafted behind the 8-spot. So while this is wishful thinking, it is a definite possibility.

In reference to this year’s draft, if someone like Dante Exum, Noah Vonleh, Julius Randle, Aaron Gordon, or even Marcus Smart, drops to the Kings, the T-Wolves could jump at an deal including the no. 8 pick.

To make this deal happen, the Kings will have to part ways with Ben McLemore and/or Derrick Williams, Ray McCallum, Jason Thompson, and Carl Landry,along with future draft picks. Despite McLemore’s disappointing rookie season, he is still one of the leagues brightest prospects at the shooting guard position. The Wolves have no reason to think that McLemore wont develop into one of the leagues best guards.

Possible Trade for Love

Sacramento receives: Kevin Love

Minnesota receives: Ben McLemore, Jason Thompson, Jason Terry, Quincy Acy, No. 8 2014 draft pick, first round draft pick 2017

Analysis: This sort of combination is the most likely deal the Kings would pull off. They may have to offer even more draft picks to make this happen. Ultimately, the Kings are going to have to give up  a mediocre starting lineup, similar to when they traded for Gay, in order to get Kevin Love.

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