Chicago White Sox: Why Jose Abreu has been their best player so far

This was a tough decision because there are two White Sox that deserve the first-50-games MVP. But the way that he has produced throughout the year so far, Jose Abreu is the best player on the Chicago White Sox.

Chris Sale was the other player that could have been selected as the best player, but with Abreu on the DL and the Sox struggling to score as of late, Abreu was the obvious choice.

Abreu has produced in the middle of the order for the Chicago White Sox throughout the entire year, boasting a batting average of .260 with 15 HRs and 42 RBI in 44 games.

He has been a force in the middle of the order this year and can hopefully count on him for years to come.

The Sox signed him to a six-year, $68 million deal in the offseason. Some thought that they might have reached with that contract but so far it seems like a steal with the numbers he’s putting up.

When the White Sox first signed him out of Cuba, everyone knew that he would help out the middle of the order. No one knew that he would get off to the monster start that he got off to.

Some thought that he might struggle because of the cold conditions in Chicago and how he has only played in Cuba where it is basically summer year round, at least by Chicago’s standards. He started out the season when the temperatures were in the 30s and 40s.

There are times where he has struggled but he was able to make adjustments and continue to make strides in his game. Furthermore, he has come up clutch when they truly needed it.

Chicago White Sox

Jose Abreu

He hit a three-run homer into left field against Oakland on May 14 to give the Sox a 4-2 lead in the 8th inning. He also hit a walk-off grand slam on April 25th against Tampa Bay. Abreu has always come up with the big hit.

Abreu went on the DL last Sunday with ankle tendinitis. Without Abreu, you can clearly tell that they is something missing when you look at the lineup.

The Sox are still winning games without him but the offense isn’t the same. Without him, they haven’t been able to find someone to replace his production. It is kind of tough to do that with Abreu breakingrecords.

When he was placed on the DL, Abreu was leading the majors in HRs. He is now tied in HRs with Nelson Cruz with 15. Abreu also led in RBI when he was placed on the DL and now he is third in baseball in RBI.

When someone of this magnitude is out of the lineup for any amount of time, it changes a lineup entirely. For being in his rookie year, Abreu seems to be the catalyst to this offense.