North American LCS: Week one fantasy LCS leaders

Fantasy LCS is officially underway, and some players are not living up quite as much to what most people expected. Thanks to a post on Reddit, someone has compiled the fantasy scores for all players over the four games week one. Here are the best performing five player from each role. These are a little different than my position rankings, and I will be comparing those to the actual results for each position.

Top Lane

Team SoloMid

Dyrus, Team SoloMid


  1. Balls, Cloud 9
  2. sOAZ, Fnatic
  3. Kev1n, Millenium
  4. Dyrus, Team SoloMid
  5. fredy122, SK Gaming


  1. Dyrus, Team SoloMid (20.98/game)
  2. ackerman, LMQ (20.63)
  3. Kev1n, Millenium (20.28)
  4. Wickd, Alliance (18.68)
  5. fredy122, SK Gaming (18.55)

I did get three of the players right, but not in order really (got Kev1n right though). Balls fell short of expectations week one as did the rest of Cloud 9, and the same can be said of sOAZ and Fnatic. LMQ dominated the NA LCS week won, so it’s no surprise ackerman and his teammates are towards the top of their positions.


Team SoloMid

Amazing, Team SoloMid


  1. Meteos, Cloud 9
  2. Amazing, Copenhagen Wolves
  3. TheOddOne, Team SoloMid
  4. Shook, Alliance
  5. Jankos, Roccat


  1. Amazing, Team SoloMid (23.19)
  2. NoName, LMQ (21.94)
  3. Shook, Alliance (20.92)
  4. KottenX, Millenium (19.64)
  5. Impaler, Supa Hot Crew (19.45)

Like Balls, Meteos was projected first in his position not seeing the Cloud 9 struggles coming. I also messed up in my predictions, as I had no idea that TheOddOne had been replaced by former Copenhagen Wolves jungler Amazing. I at least had him predicted to go high. Consolation prize, I guess.

Mid Lane


Kerp, Millenium


  1. Bjergsen, Team SoloMid
  2. Froggen, Alliance
  3. Hai, Cloud 9
  4. xPeke, Fnatic
  5. Link, Counter Logic Gaming


  1. Kerp, Millenium (28.71)
  2. XiaoWeiXiao, LMQ (27.39)
  3. Froggen, Alliance (26.08)
  4. Bjergsen, Team SoloMid (25.65)
  5. Shiphtur, Team Dignitas (25.04)

Same song, different lane. LMQ has another second place player, another Cloud 9 player fell from their team’s performance, but this time someone I did not predict not only was best in his lane but also top overall. Way to go, Kerp. The mid lane is the highest scoring lane, as these five were in the top seven overall.

AD Carry


Vasilii, LMQ


  1. Sneaky, Cloud 9
  2. WildTurtle, Team SoloMid
  3. Rekkles, Fnatic
  4. CandyPanda, SK Gaming
  5. Creaton, Millenium


  1. Vasilii, LMQ (27.34)
  2. Tabzz, Alliance (26.01)
  3. MrRalleZ, Supa Hot Crew (24.18)
  4. Rekkles, Fnatic (22.22)
  5. Creaton, Millenium (20.63)

LMQ snuck in to the top spot this time, knocking out another Cloud 9 member. And in the second position, Supa Hot Crew actually had a solid showing after facing relegation last split. The ad carry position over is not as strong fantasy-wise as I would have imagined, however, as they are behind mid lane and closely followed by the junglers.



  1. LemonNation, Cloud 9
  2. Aphromoo, Counter Logic Gaming
  3. YellOwStaR, Fnatic
  4. Unlimited, Copenhagen Wolves
  5. Xpecial, Curse


  1. Gleebglarbu, Team SoloMid (18.37)
  2. nRated, SK Gaming (17.44)
  3. wewillfailer, SupaHotCrew (17.41)
  4. Nyph, Alliance (17.41)
  5. Mor, LMQ (17.27)

I was a surprising 0-5 on this position. The bonus points for 10+ assists in a game came in to play here, and the surprising play of these fives teams as well.



  1. Fnatic
  2. Cloud 9
  3. Team SoloMid
  4. SK Gaming
  5. LMQ


  1. Millenium (19.25)
  2. LMQ (17.50)
  3. Team Dignitas (16.75)
  4. Team SoloMid (16.50)
  5. Alliance (15.75)

This pretty much sums up what teams I thought would be good at objectives, and then what ones actually performed well week one. These five teams are a combined 16-4 so far this split.

The fantasy action starts Thursday with the European LCS games, and the NA LCS action continues this Saturday at 3 PM Eastern time.