Argentina ready for the World Cup: Gago back from Injury and Di Maria is on top shape


Argentina’s possible starting line-up

Great news  for Argentina as the FIFA World Cup in Brazil is approaching, just two weeks away from the biggest tournament of the most popular sport in the world and the injury plague on the Argentinean squad seems to be numbing down. Di Maria and Gago are crucial players in the midfield of the team, one comes back from an injury and the other one is on the top of his game.

It isn’t news that Lionel Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, and Higuain are the most known Argentinean players in the world of soccer, but there are players who, although might have a lower profile, perform a big role for the team’s performance. Fernando Gago has created a perfect partnership with fellow midfielder Mascherano, and has become essential on the defensive and even creative side. The problem with Gago is his inactivity in the past couple of months due to his on-going injuries, but he has claimed to be injury free last week and he is ready to get back to rhythm.

Di Maria arrived yesterday and is probably the player whose form is best at the moment, he comes from having an amazing season with Real Madrid, being the assist leader in the league and being the MVP of the Champions League finals. Di Maria is crucial for Argentina, he is versatile in his position in the field, he can play as a wing, right or left midfielder, and as a center midfielder, like he does for the national squad.

The shape of these two players is crucial for the dynamics of the whole team, the most important pass is the one after the recovery of the ball and Gago has become that first passer, Messi and Di Maria are both the go-to guys and the creation. In order for the whole team to function at its best and to play at its full potential the chemistry between the players has to be intact. There are certain couples that have formed in the field that can associate almost to perfection, Messi and Gago, Di Maria and Higuain, Zabaleta and Messi, Mascherano and Gago, Garay and Fernandez and many more. These are crucial on the counter-attack and on ball possession.