Denver Nuggets: Why they should trade their lottery pick

The season ended like nobody wanted it to, no playoff berth, and no number one draft pick, but with the 11th pick in the NBA draft the Denver Nuggets have many things to consider. One of them would be to trade out of that spot.

The draft is always fun to watch, and the one thing that people tune in to see is who their team will pick up. So saying that a team should trade that is sort of a sin, but there are several reasons for a trade out of the first round. Denver is about two deep at every position, it didn’t seem like it last season because of all the injuries last season, but they are solid on their bench. There is Nate Robinson behind Ty Lawson, Gallinari and Chandler were hurt last season, and Javale McGee played all of five games. The returning lineup is one that will be able to play into the playoffs if they can perform like they were pre injury. Plus, the salary cap leaves little room for the Nuggets to maneuver this offseason. Because of this, I think the Nuggets should try to unload one of its big contracts along with the number 11 pick while trying to get an established player. This will free up some cap space as well as give them a solid veteran.

It’s always risky trading a pick, maybe that guy they would have picked up was the next Jordan, but sometimes it’s just worth the risk. It’s not flashy, and most of the time fans get upset, but it’s setting the team up for the future. And there are teams out there looking for a trade. One of which I would be the Detroit Pistons.

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Rodney Stuckey

The Pistons lost their first round pick, and have some money that the can spend in the offseason. They are on the hunt for a wing player to help Kyle Singler, so an offer of Gallinari, Fournier, and the draft pick might be interesting for them. The Nuggets would get their 38th pick, 1st round pick next season, and Rodney Stuckey. I’m not sure about how this trade would go over in Detroit, but they would be getting two guys who have shown that they can shoot, as well as the pick they want. With Galo being traded, the Nuggets have about $23 million over the next two years while making room for Faried to get his contract he deserves as well as being able to bring in another strong player.

Another option would be to help out Portland, since they don’t have a single pick in this year’s draft. A trade with the Blazers could consist of the 11th pick and Wilson Chandler for Wesley Mathews and a future pick. Mathews is a good defender and can make the three, something that fits the Nuggets needs, as well as getting a bigger contract in Wilson Chandler off their plate.

We’ll see what unfolds once June 26th arrives.

  • Ricardo

    The Portland trade looks good, but I think the Nugs should keep their first-round pick to draft a point guard, like Tyler Ennis and get Evan Turner in free agency.

  • Guest

    Well, don’t like this DET trade, Nuggets aren’t getting enough. As I see it, we’re giving our starting SF, a lottery pick and a key reserve (at our weakest position) for a 2nd rd pick this year and a probably non-lottery pick and cap space, Also, DET, having traded it’s pick this year, can’t trade next year’s pick, obviously research 101 in in next semesters classes.

  • Visitor

    Considering that Rodney Stuckey is a free agent, I think the Pistons would gladly accept that trade (especially since they would be raping the Nuggets). The Portland trade is intriguing though.