North American LCS: Week two power rankings

Another week of North American LCS action is behind us, and week two showed us a little more insight into how things will be this summer split. Plenty of action to cover, but first let’s take a look at where everyone finished in my week one power rankings:

  1. LMQ
  2. Team Dignitas
  3. Team SoloMid
  4. Cloud 9 HyperX
  5. Counter Logic Gaming
  6. Curse
  7. compLexity
  8. Evil Geniuses

In week two, it seemed like some teams just completely flipped from how they played week one. Some teams who did well (LMQ, TSM) went 0-2, and others who struggled (Cloud 9, CLG) went 2-0. With that in mind, here are how the teams look now:

Team Dignitas

Imaqtpie, Team Dignitas

1. Team Dignitas (5-1)

Dignitas came out with wins over week one high-fliers LMQ and Team SoloMid, and they were hardly challenged. It looks as though the additions of Shiphtur and Zion Spartan from the fallen Team Coast have helped Dignitas finally play like a contender, or at this point even the favorites. Solid play from their AD carry Imaqtpie, going 6/0/7 against LMQ and 5/1/5 against TSM.

2. Cloud 9 HyperX (4-2)

After a disappointing week one, Cloud 9 is back. Last week they seemed content losing in order to learn about the competition, but more importantly Hai’s absence at All-Stars showed with bad team flow. This week, they seemingly dominated LMQ and just stalled to the end to see how they would react and gain insight into their strategies. They also played a solid team game against Curse. I’m a little hesitant as Balls looks off to me still, but it surely didn’t hurt them as a team.

3. Counter Logic Gaming (4-2)

Like Cloud 9, they went from a disappointing 2-2 week one to go 2-0 in week two. They handled a TSM team that should have been more of a challenge, and then they got a gimme game against compLexity that really didn’t look like as much of a gimme as it should have been. We saw some more solid play from their new top laner, Seraph, which they will need more of to keep competing at the top of the league.

4. LMQ (4-2)

A disappointing week for the hot-start newcomers to the league. They get knocked around by Team Dignitas, and then they have a game with Cloud 9 who stalls victory in order to scout them more. Very disappointing, considering they dominated three of their four wins last week and didn’t seem to mind Curse hanging close in the other. I was excited to see NoName break out the Nunu choice in the jungle, a personal favorite of my own.

5. Team SoloMid (3-3)

Not a good showing from TSM. After a solid start last week at 3-1, they too dropped key games against CLG and Team Dignitas. They went from looking like a potential front runner to middle of the pack. After a solid first week in North America, we saw Amazing struggle in the jungle. Like LMQ’s NoName, he did break out another one of my favorites in Volibear.

6. Curse (2-4)

Another split, and Curse looks content in the middle of the standings. It seems like they have the talent to beat anybody, but can’t quite seem to do so consistently. They lost to a now back on track Cloud 9, and then they dominated Evil Geniuses despite a not so good game from Voyboy in the middle. When Cop (AD carry) and IWillDominate (jungle) are on, look out for Curse.

7. Evil Geniuses (1-5)

Evil Geniuses moves up only because they beat compLexity this week. It looks like these two are content competing for last, as I have seen nothing from them to make me think they can contend. At least EG did dominate that win, and didn’t lie down to Curse. Pobelter in the mid lane and Krepo at support did play well in both as well.

8. compLexity (1-5)

Disappointing start for the team who just made their way back onto the LCS stage. They made CLG try in their game, and they didn’t even play well to keep their seventh place spot over EG. Just not good play at all.

You can catch more of the action this weekend, starting at 3 PM Eastern on Saturday. Look forward to a prediction article this week for week 3 action.