WWE: Why turning Seth Rollins’ heel was the perfect choice

On Monday Night RAW the WWE Universe saw the disbandment of The Shield as the least likely member of the faction turned heel.

Seth Rollins turned on his partners, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns and joined the now Batista-less Evolution.

After a clean sweep victory over Evolution at Payback, it looked as though it spelled the end of Triple H and company. The opening segment of RAW furthered the end of Evolution as Batista “quit” the WWE after being refused a title opportunity until The Shield were vanquished. Batista is set to promote his new movie and will be taking time off from the WWE, thus his departure from Evolution.

Triple H vowed that he “never loses,” and his plan B was executed at the end of RAW as Rollins beat down his former partners with a steel chair and joined The Game and Randy Orton.WWE

The decision to turn Rollins’ heel makes perfect sense.

Breaking down The Shield, they have Ambrose, who is the voice and the charisma of the group. His promos are top-notch and he gives the Shield life on the microphone.

Then you have the power in Reigns. The force behind the entire group, the “big dog.” He’s the prototypical wrestler in size and athleticism and he’s due for a push very soon.

Last but not at all in the least, is Rollins. Rollins wasn’t the voice, nor was he the enforcer. He was the place holder. He was the glue keeping The Sheild together making them a complete faction. Now that the glue has come apart, the real fun begins.

The Shield were soundly over with the crowd and the heel turn comes as shock because after demolishing Evolution it looked like The Shield were at their highest point. It made for a perfect opportunity to shake things up. The WWE took the least likely member of the group and turned his heel which made for a fantastic shock value.

It makes total sense. Now it leaves the two the men who overshadowed him to feel his wrath. Rollins joining Evolution not only mean that WWE is pushing Rollins but it makes for an interesting story line with a group of guys who are among the best in the business right now.

I believe that Ambrose and Reigns will go their separate ways eventually, leaving Reigns to feud with Triple H and Rollins and Ambrose possibly developing a feud that would be exciting to watch. This leaves out Orton but it’s not hard to swing his focus to the title picture or a feud with someone else.

Whatever direction the WWE plans to go, I love the decision to turn Rollins heel. He’s an excellent wrestler who deserves to be highlighted outside of The Sheild. All three guys can have successful singles careers and this just the beginning for Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins.

  • Warren Campbell

    never liked rollins

  • Guest

    never like rolling hes boring

  • kishawna

    Don’t like Seth any more

    • Joshua Tribble

      Then everything is working perfectly.

  • F Dawn Baker

    Big e is on a loosing streak cm punk is RETIRED the only person that i can see joining the shield is shameous a warrior at heart

    • patman

      daniel bryan

  • Forrest

    Rollins and ambrose have been in multiple wrestling promotions before wwe and in every single one of them they have had a feud.

    • Ryan Petrovich

      Why not have them do it on the biggest platform pro wrestling has to offer?

    • Joshua Tribble

      I thought they only had feuds in FCW??

  • fan

    One of the guys like BIG E or CM PUNK or MARK HENRY should join in the SHIELD to make effective to the RISING TEAM

    • Joshua Tribble

      Having a big guy with Roman makes ZERO sense.

    • Warren Campbell

      punk is gone duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and he sucks very boring

  • Masked fan

    This could have been more effectively done at the Payback PPV. A blind swerve would have been much better at the height of that match than the next night on RAW. Now they have to do a five-star job of selling the idea of WHY Rollins turned or it takes what looked like the big payoff match and turns it into a weak ending produced to satisfy a big ego, like the way WCW died.

    • Ryan Petrovich

      I think it was more shocking to do it on RAW than at the PPV. You have the Shield win over Evolution, clean sweep and all, and you have them at their highest point to date. Next thing you know it takes turn and you have the least likely member turn on them. It was great shock value and WWE fan already chanted “you sold out,” it’s not hard to see why Rollins would turn, he simply sold out to the boss.

      • Masked fan

        I would judge this going forward on the fans reaction to Rollins. Does he draw as much heat or does he get a cold shoulder? Any cold turn is shocking because you can’t see a cold turn coming. I’m just not sure fans will give Rollins as much heat for a betrayal as they will apathy for how easy this turn appears unless Rollins can sell a brooding jealously or something bigger than “he simply sold out to the boss.”