Seattle Seahawks: don’t sleep on Eric Pinkins

Many rookies are shining for the Seattle Seahawks so far. Paul Richardson is displaying some excellent burst, Justin Britt is impressing at right tackle, and guys like Keith Price and Kevin Pierre-Louis have made a few noteworthy plays. Plenty of the Seahawks’ rookies are gaining attention, but one rookie silently making progress but not necessarily being talked about is sixth-round pick Eric Pinkins. His play, though, should be one worth keeping an eye on.

Seattle Seahawks

Richard Sherman is an ideal mentor for Eric Pinkins.

6-foot-3, 220-pound Pinkins has ideal size to be a corner for the Seattle Seahawks, but because he was a safety during his college days at San Diego State, it’s a huge adjustment for him to make a position change. Plenty of writers have noticed Pinkins has looked out of it at times, and even Pinkins himself has acknowledged it.

But what do you expect out of a rookie trying to prove the Seahawks’ front office made the right choice in drafting him? It’s way too early to start making judgements on whether the guy can cut it at corner. I am still convinced Pinkins was a great pick and an absolute steal. I’ve mentioned his athleticism and physical stats in previous pieces which can be accessed on the Seattle Seahawks page. Those numbers speak for themselves.

Then there’s the number the Seahawks gave Pinkins: 39. Sound familiar? Yep, it’s the very number Brandon Browner wore, and he and Pinkins are extremely similar in build. It seems like a small detail, but it could reflect what the coaches see in Pinkins’ future.

Then there’s the mentors Pinkins has at his disposal, headlined by Richard Sherman. Sherman and Pinkins have already shared some talk on the practice field, and with Pinkins being the wide-eyed rookie he is, he will be absorbing everything the perennial Pro Bowl corner tells him. Sherman once converted from wide receiver to corner, so I’m sure he can relate on some level to all the things Pinkins must have swimming through his head.

And then there’s the fact that Pinkins also practiced at safety already for the Seahawks. The Seahawks are getting to see what Pinkins can bring to the table at both positions. It’s not like Pinkins has to become an established corner right away. Seattle has Sherman, Byron Maxwell, and Jeremy Lane. Pinkins has time to develop and learn. What Seattle could use is a backup safety since Chris Maragos is no longer a Hawk. So if Pinkins doesn’t immediately take to the corner position, he can still contribute at safety. But I fully expect Pinkins to pick up the cornerback positon because he has the coaches, player mentors, and physical attributes to make the switch.

It’s still very early for Eric Pinkins in this adjustment process. So while he might not be tackling receivers at the line or scoring 50-yard touchdowns, Pinkins is working hard and will eventually prove his worth to the Seattle Seahawks. Don’t sleep on him, 12th Man.


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