WWE: What’s next for The Shield and Seth Rollins?

No one saw it coming, but Seth Rollins pulled the surprise of the year when he turned on Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on the June 2nd edition of Monday Night RAW.

This comes as such a surprise to fans because the Shield were on top of the world.

The night before at WWE Payback, The Hounds of Justice swept Evolution in a No Holds Barred Elimination Match. This win made the Shield 2-0 against Evolution, one of the greatest factions in the history of the business. The Shield couldn’t be any hotter, and then all of a sudden…

The months leading to Wrestlemania teased the Shield splitting up numerous times. Ambrose and Reigns just couldn’t get along, but Rollins held them together. Rollins, on one occasion, even walked out on his teammates. Since then, they have regrouped and become the hottest thing in the WWE right now. seth rollins

So why Rollins? In many eyes, he was the best guy in the Shield (see: Related Article). Ambrose is stellar on the mic and Reigns is the powerhouse fans love to watch, but Rollins has it all. He can fly like Daniel Bryan, sell like Dolph Ziggler, and he’s getting better and better on the mic. His in ring style is not typically a style that heels use.

Rollins is acrobatic in the ring and fans love to watch him. It’s hard to not cheer when someone throws their body over the ropes and slams into an outside opponent, which is why Rollins becoming the heel is confusing to a lot of fans.

I personally like the heel turn, as long as it means Rollins gets a chance to shine in Evolution and won’t be overshadowed by Triple H. I am hoping this turn leads into a major push for the former Indy star, leading to a main event career.

Where does WWE go from here? I’ve come up with a few options:

Add a member to the Shield 

This is the most likely option, but not exactly my favorite. To put it simply, Evolution has Orton, Triple H, and now Rollins. The Shield have Ambrose and Reigns. That’s three on two, so to continue the feud WWE would likely have to add one more member to the Shield.

It is possible they go the route of Triple H backing out of the ring and making it two v two, but if they don’t, who would replace Rollins?

They could pull someone out of NXT because that’s where the Shield got started. Sami Zayn is likely the favorite to come up if WWE decides to do this; however, I can see current NXT Champion Adrian Neville thriving in the role.

An inside man

Rollins being the one to turn was a questionable decision especially with how great Ambrose would be as a heel. I’m sure he’s going to explain his actions on Monday, but what if it’s all part of a plan?

Triple H thinks he has the upper hand now, but what if the Shield plotted this. They know The Game won’t stop until he wins, so the Shield could send Rollins over to Evolution to destroy them from the inside. At Money in the Bank or Summerslam, Rollins turns on the 13 -time world champion, and completely embarrasses him as he returns to his former trio. The fans would sure love it.

A new Evolution

This is my favorite option. What if instead of the other two options, Roman Reigns turns on Ambrose at Money in the Bank and joins Evolution?

It sounds like too much, but look at it this way:

The former Evolution was a hall of famer (Flair), the star of the moment (Triple H), and two stars of the future (Orton,  Batista). So if Reigns joined, the new Evolution would have the same thing: a hall of famer (Triple H), the star of the moment (Orton), and two stars of the future (Rollins, Reigns).

This scenario is unlikely, but it would be a group that would absolutely dominate the WWE. Ambrose would likely get pushed down into the mid-card for a little, but I’m okay with that if he gets a main event run in the future.

The Shield

I’m definitely going to miss the Shield. They did great things for the company. The Hounds of Justice have been awesome to watch since their debut and it’s a shame they may be splitting up for good. All three men have insanely bright futures, and WWE has done a great job with them.

Any other ideas for what WWE could do with the Shield? Let me know in the comments! For more on WWE, go to http://isportsweb.com/news/wwe/

  • xero

    Or set Reigns againsty Ambrose~that’ll sure pull in ticket sales. Do something major before the demise of a very good force..

  • pokka vanilla

    Good analysis!!! But as Triple H mentioned, there will be a bigger picture of this. From the fans viewpoint, they are wondering why does wwe creative always keep on going against what the fans want. I think wwe might have a strategic direction in the future. For example, maybe wwe wants to get a joint venture or partnership with a rightful owner of high profile fictional characters like dc comic or marvel. As for seth rollins, they could transform him as a winter soldier.