Chile’s Sanchez and Vidal are crucial for the team: Pinilla adding much to the attack

It is no secret that Chile’s national team is on of the best teams in South America, they proved it on the 2010 world cup in South Africa, and they have already showed the world how much they have improved since.

Alexis Sanchez and Arturo Vidal are, by far, what makes this team play as good as it does, they bring speed, organization, and vision, to the pitch.

Alexis Sanchez can make all the difference in the game as he has proved in the national team, he can carry the load and the pressure for the whole team. Although his present on his club team, Barcelona, is not the best, when it comes to playing for his country he never disappoints. Sanchez possesses qualities that every player in the world wished they had, his speed while dribbling is probably the fastest in the world, his vision and ability to open up spaces make him a crucial player even for the midfield. In order to get the best out of Sanchez, he must play free from a firm position, he has to play as a free midfielder bringing the ball to the attack himself, not waiting for the ball to be given to him up front, like he is told to play in Barcelona.

Arturo Vidal, although not 100 percent in playing form, gives the midfield of the team what every team wishes they had, order. He is a leader in and out of the field, he can play in probably any position in the field because of his versatility as a player. Vidal is an all-around player who can be part of the defense as well as the offense, he is a gifted tactician, and the brains of this amazing team.

Mauricio Pinilla is Chile’s secret weapon and plays a bigger role in the national team that he is given credit for. In the 2010 world cup Chile had trouble scoring, even against the easier rivals, and this was due to the lack of a aerial player, a true finisher, a player who can drag defenders with opening runs, a true “9”. Pinilla will bring space for Sanchez and Vargas to create and score, and he will take on the finishing tasks when it comes to one-on-ones, headers, and crucial small box plays.

Although Chile is part of one of the hardest groups in the world cup, the squad is intact and it can truly be one of this tournament’s surprises. The speed of their attack can be crucial to teams who have weak midfielders, against this strong team mistakes will not be tolerated.