Fantasy baseball: What to do with George Springer

Springer, George

First and foremost, I have a confession to make.

Some would consider me a fantasy baseball noob. I’m only a sophomore in the sport, and while I currently lead my division, I’m the Padres or Astros in terms of titles, and certainly not the Yankees.

I’m a big baseball fan, but my love for fantasy football always trumped all else, pushing fantasy baseball aside. I’m glad I was able to get past that, because fantasy baseball might be better than its football counterpart.

The daily grind can be grueling, but it rewards those of us who may be less skilled by offering the opportunity to out-manage your opponent on a daily basis.

One such move I made was picking up Houston Astros outfielder George Springer, and boy has he rewarded me.

Since I scooped him up 30 games ago, Springer has raked in 27 hits, 10 bombs, 26 RBI, 63 total bags and an OPS of 1.008. Project this through an entire season and Springer would hit .270 with 50 homers and 130 RBI.

Long story short, the dude is merking the ball.  The Astros are terrible, but Springer has them out to a respectable start: they currently sit at 26-35. OK that’s not really respectable, but the fact that the Astros are better than five MLB teams (including the Rays) is pretty remarkable.

With Springer crushing, I won handily last week and am looking pretty good again this week, but can he keep it up? With other outfielders on my team like Mike Trout, Jose Bautista, Allen Craig and Brett Gardner, can Springer consistently post numbers worthy of starting him?

He probably can, and I’m not sure he won’t, but I’d bet against it. I can guarantee he won’t maintain his 50-homer pace for much longer, and if he gets to 30 I’d be very impressed. We’ve seen similar starts from highly-touted prospects like Springer, and they rarely stay hot.

Being a Tigers fan, I’ve seen this with the likes of Alex Avila and now Nick Castellanos, and while both are still starting for Detroit, they have certainly had their ups and downs.

Springer is a very good prospect and he’ll be a staple in the ‘Stros lineup for years to come, but if you can sell him, do it. Don’t dump him for a scrub, but if you can get a consistent starter in exchange, I recommend it.

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Obviously, keeper leagues are different. Hold on to Springer in those formats because he’s going to continue to develop. In regular formats though, I see some slumps in his near future as MLB teams continue to learn how to attack him.

I won’t call Springer a flash in the pan, but I will say that a deal involving him could serve you well. Dealing him could be that one move that puts you over the top and into title contention.


  • yaboyDMZ

    Disagree. Homered again last night. He’s going to get to 30HRs for sure. Batting average probably won’t be above .270 though. He also hasn’t really shown the basestealing he showed in the Minors(stole 37 bases I believe), but it’s coming.