New York Yankees finally end skid

The series against the Oakland Athletics was definitely a nail-biter to watch this week.  With two tough losses on Tuesday and Wednesday, the New York Yankees finally snagged a win the last game of the series on Thursday.

A three run home run by Jacoby Ellsbury in the third inning of Wednesday’s game seemed like a gift from above. It was beautiful. It was exactly what the Yankees needed after their upsetting game the day before. But that was about it for them in that game.

[New York Yankees need to stop slide]

The Yankees led 4-1 after the third, then stayed there, never earning another run and eventually lost the to Athletics 7-4. It was heartbreaking. That little moment of hope in the third might have gone to their heads, and maybe they thought it would be an easy game for them after that. But who knows, it was disappointing because I would have liked to see them continue that kind of playing throughout the rest of the game.

Then in the game Thursday afternoon, Ellsbury had another home run in the first inning that was challenged by Athletics’ manager Bob Melvin. Yes, he was right to challenge because it did hit the top of the wall and bounce back onto the field… but still! So close. It ended up being a double for Ellsbury.

New York Yankees

Masahiro Tanaka

Masahiro Tanaka was the ace for Thursday’s game and finally helped the Yankees end their losing streak. After 104 pitches, he only allowed five hits and one walk. I think that’s pretty impressive.

He was relieved by pitcher Dellin Betances in the seventh inning who looked refreshed after Tuesday’s game and didn’t allow a base runner, looking like his normal self. And Alfonso Soriano finally broke his 0- for- 16 skid at plate in the second with an RBI single scoring Brian McCann.

So after nine innings, the Yankees won the last game in the series against the Athletics, 2-1, in what I thought was probably the best series to watch this season for the Yankees. It was good to see the Yankees turn it around in the last game, especially against a team like the Athletics who have been looking really good this season.

Now the Yankees are on the road for the next ten days in Kansas City, Seattle and Oakland. And on top of that the MLB draft is going on. A little update: The Yankees drafted a left- handed relief pitcher, Jacob Lindgren, in the 55th overall pick Thursday night, adding to the already stocked Yankees bullpen. I’m excited to see who else gets drafted over the next few days.

Until then, I’ll hope for the best from the team during the away games, I like to think they’re better on the road anyways.