North American LCS: Week three predictions

Now that we have a feel for where the teams are after the first two weeks, time to bring back my favorite guessing fame with the week three predictions. I feel giving myself two weeks to feel out the teams will help with accuracy, hopefully. Let’s dive right in.




Team SoloMid (3-3) vs LMQ (4-2), 3 PM EST

Both teams looked pretty solid after week one, but then faltered in week two. TSM looks to try and play more of a team gamin (something they have yet to really do), and LMQ looks to get back to their dominant ways. Look for the match-up in the mid lane as Bjergsen and XiaoWeiXiao go head to head as a key to the game. I think LMQ will get it done.

Evil Geniuses (1-5) vs Cloud 9 (4-2), approx. 4 PM EST

The bottom of the league against one of the top teams in this match. Cloud 9 came out stumbling in the first week, but cam alive in week two dominating LMQ and Curse. CLoud 9 should win this one pretty easily.

team dignitas

Team Dignitas

Team Dignitas (5-1) vs Counter Logic Gaming (4-2), approx. 5 PM EST

These two teams never seemed to to make a push towards the top last split are off to great starts this time around. Dignitas is in first and with the added boost of Shiphtur and Zion Spartan, they should stay at the top. The key match-up in this one is also in the mid lane, as Shiphtur and Link face off. Close one here, but Team Dignitas stays hot and gets the win.

compLexity (1-5) vs Curse (2-4), approx. 6 PM EST

In what seems like it should be a close game among bottom of the league teams by their records, this one should be Curse’s easily. Curse has not lost easily in their four losses, as they have the talent to play tough against any team. They just need a little more confidence in their shot calling and game management, and they could be towards the top. They get the win here.


cloud 9 hyperx

Cloud 9 HyperX

Cloud 9 (4-2) vs Counter Logic Gaming (4-2), 3 PM EST

Two teams that know each other very well, and they played a great game week one against each other. Cloud 9 managed to pull out the victory in that one, and I expect this game to be similar. Hai faces off against his All-Star replacement Link in the mid lane, and I think Hai continues his strong play to lift Cloud 9 to victory once again.

LMQ (4-2) vs compLexity (1-5), approx. 4 PM EST

I don’t expect compLexity to pull of any surprising victories this week. They managed to get one against a slow starting Cloud 9 team week one, but expect LMQ to dominate them like they did last split in the Challenger Series. Big game for AD carry Vasilii in this one, LMQ with the win.

Team Dignitas

Imaqtpie, Team Dignitas

Evil Geniuses (1-5) vs Team Dignitas (5-1), approx. 5 PM EST

Much like the game before this, no surprises should happen here. Dignitas has looked too strong thus far, and look for that to continue. Imaqtpie also has a big game at AD carry in this one, and I’m going to go bold and say this one ends in under 30 minutes. Dignitas wins.

Curse (2-4) vs Team SoloMid (3-3), approx. 6 PM EST

I think TSM may have a second 0-2 week in a row. Curse played them close week one, and with their recent struggles I think they’ll fall again. I think Voyboy finds a way to corral Bjergsen in the mid lane and Curse comes out victorious to get a 2-0 week.

Catch the action starting Saturday at 3 PM Eastern time, and you can view the games by either going to Riot’s Twitch stream, or by going to LoL Esports to pick your viewing platform. To catch up on what has happened thus far this split, check out my week one and week two recaps and power rankings.