Tampa Bay Rays lose tenth straight

The Tampa Bay Rays lost their tenth consecutive game on Thursday to the Miami Marlins. That ties this season’s record for longest losing streak set by the Boston Red Sox last month. The Rays have been swept by the Toronto Blue Jays, the Red Sox, and most recently the Marlins in their last three series. The Rays’ record is now 23-38, which makes them the worst team in baseball. They are fourteen games behind the Blue Jays in the American League East.

It is beginning to appear as though the Rays’ disastrous start to the 2014 season was more than just a couple months of bad luck. Many were surprised at the Rays’ slow start, and mostly attributed their poor record to key injuries and temporary slumps. We are now more than a third of the way through the season, and it is time to stop making excuses for the Rays’ terrible performance.

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Wil Myers

It would be one thing if the Rays were a few games out of the division, or even if their record stood around the .500 mark. This, however, is a completely different situation. The Rays’ record makes them the undisputed worst team in Major League Baseball. They are worse than teams like the Houston Astros and Chicago Cubs, who were projected to dwell at the bottom of the standings. The Rays had been seen as a serious threat in the AL East, and many believed that they had a good shot of finishing on top of the division.

The news continues to get worse for the Rays as this season drags on. 2013 Rookie of the Year, Wil Myers, was put on to the disabled list on Sunday with a wrist sprain. It has been reported that the right fielder will not be back for at least two months. Myers joins Alex Cobb, who missed over a month, and Matt Moore, who had season-ending Tommy John surgery, on the list of key players sidelined due to injuries this season.

If things do not seriously improve for the Rays by the All-Star break in mid-July, all hope may be lost on the season. It is beginning to look more likely with each passing day that the team will attempt to deal ace David Price by the trade deadline in an attempt to get some young talent for the seasons ahead. The Rays begin a six-game home stand tonight against the Seattle Mariners, and hope to turn around what has been an ugly ten game skid.


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