Dirk Nowitzki finished third in NBA Teammate of the Year

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It goes with out say when you talk about Dirk Nowitzki you have to mention his name among the all-time greats who played in the Association.

Im not just tooting his horn either, Nowitzki has a resume to back that up.

12 time NBA All-Star, 2007 MVP, 2011 Finals MVP, and he’s scored the 10th most points in NBA history.

Dirk is the greatest European to ever play the game, and he has one of the most unstoppable moves in basketball with his signature fade away jumper.

Dirk Nowitzki is still getting recognized for his talents even though he is entering his 17th season of play by finishing third in the voting for NBA Teammate of the Year. Dirk finished behind Al Jefferson of the Charlotte Bobcats (Now the Charlotte Hornet)s, and Shane Battier of the Miami Heat; who won the award.

The Teammate of the Year award is voted by the players of the NBA. Players aren’t allowed to vote for a player on their team. This just speaks to how respected Dirk Nowitzki is around the league.

Dirk - brooklyn

This is exactly what the Dallas Mavericks means moving forward. The Mavericks have the most salary cap space entering this 2014 off-season and with Dirk finishing 3rd in the voting for Teammate of the Year; that means players want to play along side Dirk Nowitzki even at the ripe age of 35 (turing 36 this summer). And who wouldn’t? Dirk still gets the job done night in and night out. He averaged 21.7 points a night, the same amount as Paul George; a player who some regard as and up and coming star.

The Dallas Mavericks will without a doubt make off-seasons moves. The re-signing of Dirk Nowitzki is inevitable. And Dirk is taking pay cut to bring in other skilled players.

One interesting move that the Mavericks should consider making some trades possibly for Greg Monroe from the Detroit Pistons by trading Brandon Wright, Shane Larkin, Shawn Marion, and their second round draft pick in exchange for Greg Monroe and Jonas Jerebko.

But the Dallas Mavericks also have options in free agency such as Paul Pierce (there was an offer on the table for him last year), Luol Deng, Gordon Hayward, or Rudy Gay.

However the Mavericks decide to spend their cash they will undoubtedly make moves to improve, and from Dirk placing third in the voting for Teammate of the Year they will get impact players that could put them in position to be title contenders.