Mexico Soccer: One step behind


Mexico always tends to fall short of greatness, to make its mark on the global stage and rise up as a powerhouse. The 1-0 defeat against Portugal Friday was just another reminder of its inability to cross that threshold.

Mexico dreams of a World Cup title, and technically plays like no other, but El Tri’s cohesive play is often overshadowed by its inability to kill off opponents.

If El Tri found a way to convert every solid opportunity it created than Mexico would most certainly be a heavy hitter. With El Tri’s first game against Cameroon just a week away there is no longer anytime left to squander, as June 13th will arrive very soon.

The killer mentality is missing from El Tri, and it needs to be awakened.

The London Olympics were a perfect example of Mexico taking advantage of every tiny opportunity, and killing when necessary. Everytime El Tri had the chance they took advantage and pounced on the opponent. For example, When Mexico clashed against Senegal in London it was mistakes that saw them to the semifinals in a 4-2 victory in extra time. In the final against Brazil it was an early mistake from Rafael da Silva that saw Mexico to an early lead, and eventually to Olympic gold. Simple mistakes cant be taken lightly, and when face to face with goal its important to pounce.

Here are 5 major points from the Portugal clash in the wake of Brazil:

5. Oribe Peralta has sadly fallen into the shadows. Peralta was inexsistent against Portugal and has dropped in form. The “brush” needs to get back to his goal scoring ways as he will more than likely start against Cameroon, thus has very litle time to revive his goal scoring libido.

4. Hector Herrera is hands down Mexico’s most productive midfielder, but needs players to fuel is abilities. Marco Fabian, and Herrera would be the perfect partnership in the midfield going forward because they are so familiar with each other from their Olympic success. Add Giovani Dos Santos to the mix and you have a very talent trio to create goals.

3. Andres Guardado, although he showed promise in the game against Portugal, he still always falls short of making a mark. The frustration is that he always comes inches away of scoring great goals, when goals are soarly needed. Inches away is still just inches away. Until those goals are converted, Guardado should take a step back for Fabian to have a shot at that midfield role.

2. Guillermo Ocho is great, but Jesus de Corona is better. Sure, that goal was not Ochos’s fault, but in the long run Corona continues to prove to be the best choice keeper due to his strong aura of confidence.

1. Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez super sub extrordinaire with out a doubt. If any one doubted Hernandez’s ability to impact a game than his second half display surely silenced critics. Still, its that super sub role were Hernandez seems to flourish the most. His movement is spectacular, but only works best on a fatigued side that will become delirious to Hernandez’s non-stop runs.

Brazil 2014 will certainly be an interesting tournament for El Tri, if it can find a way to kill opponents off when it has the chance.

  • Jerry Reyes

    I don’t think Herrera will put in marco Fabián. It seems like guardado has won the spot But I do like Fabián. While it seems like guardado is better at long distance shots, Fabián scores much more often.

    • Alfonso Muñiz

      I’m so frustrated with Guardado. I don’t believe there’s a player that works harder then him, but he continues to fall short of his mark time, and time again. World Cup 2010 He had a perfect opportunity to open the score in round of sixteen against the Argentine, only to miss his target by a few inches. This has been the story of his life. It’s time to step aside, and allow Fabian to do his thing.