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Xavier Grimble

With the New York Giants OTAs officially underway all eyes are on the rookies. During these workouts they are going to be giving everything they have to earn a spot on the coveted 53-man roster. This is a crucial time to display their skills and show what they can bring to the table. Josh Freeman has already been cut from the team along with Will Hill, who was suspended after violating the team’s policy for substances for the third time. The rookies’ futures are on the line and no feelings will be spared to make the best team they can create. Out of all the rookies at OTAs I believe everyone should keep an eye on Xavier Grimble.

Grimble, an undrafted free agent from USC might be the tight end the Giants are looking for. The 6’5, 250 pound Las Vegas native had 69 catches, 731 yards, and 11 touchdowns over the span of his three years at USC. He was a USA Today All-American and left college his junior year in hopes of being drafted. He was not picked up within the seven rounds of the draft, however, was quickly scooped up by the Giants after the draft had ended.

Grimble is a player who has proven he can get back up once he’s knocked down. He was redshirted in 2010 for a broken ankle and then missed some time in 2013 due to a fractured rib. He then sprained his ankle along with his shoulder. He did not lift during the combine due to the sprained shoulder and didn’t run because he strained his left calf. He might sound like one of those guys who are always on the injured list but with some NFL level training I think Grimble could be great and avoid these mishaps.

As we know the tight end position is completely up for grabs but he’ll have some competition. Adrien Robinson, Larry Donnell, Daniel Fells and Kellen Davis are all striving for the same goal. Currently he’s a little small but can absolutely bulk up to NFL standards. He has 10 ¼ inch hands and 33-5/8th arms length, this allows him the ability to extend and grab the ball when he needs to. Grimble has solid blocking skills and in many instances he lays the opponent out completely. He shows the urge to learn and develop further and that’s a characteristic any coach would love to see.

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Grimble’s weakness is said to be that he isn’t an “elite” athlete. He plays too tall and has a track record that shows he’s been knocked off balance easily. He’s suffered countless injuries but like I said has bounced back quickly so that shouldn’t be a factor at all.

Grimble isn’t the fastest tight end but the kid can move. He can get across the field and makes great catches while doing so. He maneuvers his way down the middle and sneaks behind the defense rather easily. Grimble is the kind of person that will make Eli Manning’s job much easier and I think would be a desirable candidate for the job. All eyes should be on the tight end position because that’s where the competition lies. Xavier Grimble is going to give the rest of the players a run for their money.

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