New York Giants: Will they lose Jayron Hosley

It’s been another interesting week for the New York Giants. If you didn’t already know, Will Hill was released after receiving a six game suspension after violating the NFL drug policy yet again. For many of us, including myself, I didn’t know what the drug policy even included. So, according to the NFL Players Association the general policy states,” The illegal use of drugs and the abuse of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, and alcohol (hereinafter referred to as “substances of abuse”) is prohibited1 for players2 in the National Football League (“NFL”). Moreover, the use of alcohol may be prohibited for individual players in certain situations where clinically indicated in accordance with the terms of this Policy.” It then goes on to discuss why drugs are bad and what they could do for the players in terms of loss of fans and their career.

If you thought this situation was going to result in sometime off and rehabilitation for Hill you were wrong. Hill signed with the Area League’s Arizona Rattlers. So basically semi pro and he’ll be playing on a basketball court sized field compared to the NFL field he’s used to.

I suppose he has to stay in shape but he also needs to get his substance abuse problem under control if he has any hopes of getting back into the NFL. This is his third instance of this occurring, first in 2012 and then again in 2013. This seems to be a yearly pattern for Hill and this time enoughs enough. Tom Coughlin has been vocal about his disappointment according to saying “If this is your job and you’re willing to jeopardize your job for some other reason, then perhaps you don’t have your mind and priorities where they should be in the first place.”

Tom Coughlin needs to get his Giants under control because they just lost another player for the first four regular season games. Cornerback Jayron Hosley has been suspended, without pay, due to recreational drug usage. Apparently Hosley has been fighting the test results since last year and its finally resulted in suspension from team. Luckily for Hosley he will still be able to participate in offseason camps and preseason games however, when regular game time rolls around he will not be able to play.

Those four games include: September eighth with the Detroit Lions, September 14th with the Arizona Cardinals, September 21st 

New York Giants

Jayron Hosley

with the Houston Texans, and lastly September 25th against the Washington Redskins. This is if they decide to keep him on the team. As we saw with Will Hill’s case the Giants gave Hill three strikes and he was out. From what I’ve read Hosley failed a drug test back in 2012 at the NFL combine before the draft. This substance abuse may be an occasional thing for him but the Giants have proved to take it seriously. For now we just have to wait and see if he makes his way back onto the field. I wonder if these two instances are going to trigger a testing spree for the rest of the New York Giants or would they refrain in fear of having a team fall apart because of suspensions?