St Louis Rams: Why Scott Wells should be worried

st louis ramsThe St Louis Rams are the youngest team in the NFL; so there are not many veterans on the team who are in danger of losing their spots. Most of the Rams’ main players, like Robert Quinn, Zac Stacy and Sam Bradford, are all either in or entering the prime of their careers.

The Rams see this as a good thing because their future looks bright, but realize that veteran experience is healthy for a team both on and off the field. The only veteran that is in danger of losing his spot on the roster is center, Scott Wells.

Wells is 33 years and approaching the end of his career. The Rams have two young centers in Barrett Jones and Tim Barnes who are breathing down the neck of Wells for the starting center spot. The Rams feel like they have a solid line so throwing a young player in there to gain experience and set themselves up for the future might not be a bad idea. The young player would receive plenty of help from players like Roger Saffold and Jake Long, along with offensive line coach Paul Boudreau.

Wells has been unable to stay healthy the last two seasons, limiting himself to 19 games played. The fractured fibula he sustained last season could be an indicator that might not return to the player he used to be. The last thing you want in a center is someone who is slow and unable to stop that blitzing linebacker up the middle. Sam Bradford has been one of the most pressured quarterbacks over the years so the Rams are looking for players on the line who are healthy and can protect him in the best way possible.

Scott Wells’ contract counts $6.5 million against the cap, and the Rams would be saving about $4 million by releasing him. That money could be used elsewhere like picking up another quality receiver or defensive back. That contract makes him about the 9th highest paid center in the league, and he is definitely not a top 10 center performance wise. He struggles in run blocking and his balance is below average.

Although the Rams are looking for stability and a veteran presence on the offensive line, I believe that Scott Wells should be worried about his roster spot due to his age, history of injuries, and hefty contract.